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Coretek are hiring for a IT Systems Consultant 1st/2nd line support – Apply Now!

Do you have a passion for technology and would love to build a career in the IT industry?

Coretek Group are an internationally established IT consultancy specialising in Microsoft solutions providing IT support, managed services and IT consultancy services to a diverse client base including the commercial and the educational sectors. Coretek Group are ISO 9001 accredited.

As a result of on-going growth, we have a requirement for an IT Systems Consultant – 1st / 2nd Line.

This role involves supporting existing customers, monitoring customers systems using Microsoft System Centre, working with our highly technical business team to develop our CoretekCloud solutions, managing client projects, assisting with the installation of hardware and software, general administration and documentation.

With a strong interest in customer service and a high technical knowledge, the ideal candidate will have an excellent telephone manner, customer facing skills, be self-motivated and interested in business development and have an excellent technical background. As this is a 1st / 2nd level support position, previous IT experience is essential and the candidate should be able to demonstrate a passion for building a career in the IT industry and the aptitude to progress into a consultant role.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package including; BUPA private health insurance, critical illness insurance, Coretek pension scheme, EMI (share) scheme and of course, company pool table!

Key Activities;
• Provide 1st and 2nd Line IT Support.
• Help co-ordinate support requests through to 3rd line technicians
• Assist the Coretek Business Services team with day to day operations
• Work closely with our customers to provide professional IT consultancy
• Work alongside the current team to develop and enhance Coretek’s service solutions

Key Skill requirements;
• Good understanding of core networking concepts
• Excellent fault finding and diagnostics skills
• Excellent customer skills
• Valid UK driving license
• Ability to work well in a team
• Excellent diagnostics thought process
• Must be able to provide “Exceptional Customer Service”
• Excellent telephone manner
• Hands-on experience working with Microsoft Technologies such as Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2016, Windows 7 to 10, Office 365 and Azure
• Degree in IT or related subject or Microsoft certification
• Experience working with server/desktop hardware

Do not miss this opportunity become a key player in a progressive, fast-growing company specialising in Microsoft solutions. Please do not apply if you do not fulfill the above criteria. Closing date for applications will be Friday 4th May 2018.

Please email applications to
Salary £16,034 – £23,049 depending on qualifications and experience.

Our Preferred Partners

Welcome to our Preferred Partners

Following on from our news last week about our Preferred Partners, we are now able to introduce you to the first of our preferred partners!

Our goal from the outset has been to build an exciting network of businesses who will really help provide additional value for our clients. As you already know, we offer a range of IT and cloud services to our clients but thanks to our new preferred partners, we are now able to offer an extended range of business services too! This includes marketing and PR, video production, accountancy and business advice.

We will be putting out a varied range of content over next few months aimed at helping small and medium businesses reach more clients, work more efficiently and much more.

Initially, we will be putting out content via our blog and social media channels but plan to extend this to events and workshops in the future.

Pure Brand Media


Pure Brand Media are a highly-respected UK video production, audio production, PR and marketing agency run by broadcast journalists.

The company was established in 2006 by Jane Danser who is the current Managing Director. Jane has over 20 years experience in national and local media. They were amongst the first in the country to offer a bespoke audio news release service for UK businesses.

Smith Newmans


Smith Newmans are a team of highly experienced accountants, tax and business advisers based near Winchester. They offer a range of services such as VAT and bookkeeping to business and personal tax, payroll, annual returns and self-assessment.

Smith Newmans specialise in helping small and medium-sized businesses grow their business, mitigate risks and maximise opportunities.

For any more information about our partners and their services please contact us by phone on 0800 304 7444 or by email at


Romsey Primary School upgraded to Promethean Interactive Flat Panels – here’s how it went…

We recently installed 3 Promethean Interactive Flat Panels into one of our schools, Romsey Primary School. They wanted to upgrade their projectors and whiteboards for something that they could use “all in one”.

To use the whiteboards they are able to connect their laptop or PC via HDMI to the Interactive Flat Panel. It will then essentially work like a giant touch screen computer!


Interactive Flat Panels are a great way to get the teachers and students involved with the lesson. The ‘crisp image and brilliant colours’ in the Promethean Flat Panels make it easier to read. Also with Promethean, you get free next-generation interactive lesson software which is trusted by teachers worldwide.





Coretek celebrate National Apprenticeship week

This week is National Apprenticeship Week. This is a week for employers and apprentices to come together to celebrate the success of their apprenticeships whilst encouraging others to start a career as an apprentice.

Here at Coretek, we have always supported apprentices. Previously, we have had apprentices in finance, marketing and IT. We wanted to hear from a few of our employees who had previously been or are still apprentices.

Matt Archdale, Support Technician –

“My apprenticeship was the Level 3 (Advanced) IT Apprenticeship Gold Standard Programme which I studied at the Highbury College in Portsmouth. I received 2 qualifications.

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Professional competence for IT and telecoms professionals – During this course I had to demonstrate competence in using software & hardware maintenance, and demonstrating an understanding of a wide range of end-user support methods. Work for this course was completed both in the college and at the workplace, with a correspondent from the college meeting me in work time to set curriculum based tasks which suited the work I carry out on a daily basis at Coretek.

These tasks included demonstrating an understanding of health & safety procedures, creating a project plan documentation based on the use of Microsoft Project and implement the project into a real-life situation, as well as displaying an understanding of advanced concepts found within the IT industry.

CompTIA Network + – I studied in both my own time and at the college for the CompTIA Network+ exam. I believe the reason that I was able to pass this exam was partly due to my own studies but also as the exam material had a lot in common with my job which I had been carrying out with Coretek.

Coretek gave me the time and space I needed to study for the exam and complete the coursework which was required by the college. Without the freedom to schedule time during the working day to get these tasks done, I doubt I would have been successful in completing the apprenticeship. The fact that Coretek was as flexible as they had been with me during my apprenticeship is something that I am truly grateful for.”

Bethany Kibler, Marketing Assistant –

“I received a Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing for my apprenticeship. I studied this through 3aaa Apprenticeships in Southampton.

This diploma consisted of one day of work within the apprenticeship centre a month and then tutor visits every few months to the workplace. This course was made up of multiple modules, to name a few; The Business Environment, Social Media Concepts and Branding, SEO and Paid Search, Email Marketing, Marketing on Mobile Devices, Website Creation, CMS Management and more.

Coretek really helped with my progress in this apprenticeship. Whether that was getting help on work I didn’t understand or being given as much time as I needed to get all of the work completed. This was pivotal in the completion and passing of this apprenticeship. For that, I am very grateful!”

We believe that apprentices are a great addition to the company and are vital for bringing a fresh approach to the business.


Coretek celebrate World Book Day

For those who do not know, today is World Book Day! So what is World Book Day? Its is a day of celebration for authors, illustrator, books and reading. World Book Day is celebrated in over 100 countries all over the world and this is the 21st year that there has been a World Book Day.

The main aim of today is to get children of all ages to come together to celebrate reading. This is done by children dressing up as their favourite character from a book and by each student receiving a book token that has been kindly donated by National Book Tokens Ltd., which they can use to get £1 off a book.

We decided to celebrate World Book Day by celebrating one of our team members’ contributions to the literature industry.

Our Senior Systems Engineer Consultant David Green has contributed to multiple books as a technical reviewer. One of his proudest contributions was for the book Getting Started with PowerShell by Michael Shepard. This book provides a really good grounding in the basics of PowerShell and how to get started. Also included in this book are advanced concepts in PowerShell such as an introduction to functions and modules. This was the second book that David reviewed and the one that he contributed the most to. You can see a little bit about David and who he is (or was in 2015!) at the front of the book. But it is throughout the book that you will see his technical contributions.

Also recommend by David himself is a video course, rather than a book called PowerShell 3 Jump Start which is one of the most entertaining and informative video courses David has seen.

So, what are you doing to celebrate World Book Day?

Coretek celebrate another year in business!

On Sunday the 11th of February, we saw the anniversary of our 19th year in business!

Coretek was born on February the 11th 1999. Our Managing Director Garry Miller vowed to provide a real alternative to an IT Industry where the companies were more concerned with their profit margins rather than providing a good service.

In the past 19 years, Coretek has grown as a company. From supporting a handful of local schools and businesses to now supporting IT environments serving literally thousands of users, with clients spanning 10 countries and 4 continents.

We decided to take a look at what we have done over the past 19 years through a video of memorable photos.

Let us know any of your memories with Coretek! Catch us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Or even email our or call us on 0800 304 7444 to let us know!


Introducing our Finance Administrator – Will!

Introducing you to our Finance Administrator – Will! He takes centre stage in this months Meet The Team. Read on to find out all about Will…

What is your role at Coretek?

My role has many names: The Enforcer, Master of Coin, or just Finance Administrator. I basically handle the accounts.

How long have you worked in IT for?

I have worked at Coretek for 14 months and this is my first job in IT. I only do the accounts, but I’ve had to learn a lot of technical jargon in order to understand it all.

What is something that not many people know about you?

If I told you that, then many people would no longer not know it.

What is your favourite film?

I’m more into TV series’ at the moment. (Discovered The X-Files a couple of years ago, so slowly making my way through all of those). I don’t really have a favourite film, just whatever I fancy at the time. Right now I’m the mood for a Batman film, probably The Dark Knight.

How do you spend your spare time?

My partner and I have recently bought a house, so most of my spare time is spent doing DIY now. At the moment I’m trying to spend time in the garden, getting it ready to grow some food!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

The more I think about this, the more issues I can find! I know a popular one is to fly… but in the film ‘Chronicle’, one of the chaps gets struck by lightning! And Matilda’s power just no longer works – imagine having that power taken away from you… If I had to pick something, I would probably just control time. To be able to speed up or slow down time could be quite helpful, as long as you don’t consider the drawbacks…

What is your favourite food?

Pizza. But it has to be right. At a restaurant, I’d have a thin crust BBQ chicken. Take away, I usually go for a meaty one (with garlic mayo dip). Home-made can go either way, depending on how we feel. One of our first house purchases was a pizza oven for the garden; I’m hoping to get lots of use out of that this year!



If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?

I quite like birds, so I’d probably pick the hyacinth macaw… It’s basically the biggest, bluest flying parrot around – pretty incredible!

What is one thing that you could not live without?

I’d probably go with taste – I would hate to eat or drink and not be able to taste things. Imagine not being able to taste pizza! Or coffee! I don’t really want to think about that any more.

What have you always wanted to do, but never done?

I’ve always wanted to restore a classic car. It’s something that I can still see myself doing at some point in the future, I just need the time. And space. And money.

Take a look at our Meet The Team page to meet the rest of the team!


Case Study – How we nearly doubled Wellow School’s IT suite capacity without building work or breaking the bank

We recently completed a project for Wellow Primary School who are a Primary School based in Wellow.

They gave us the task of increasing the current suite of 17 machines to 30 which would allow each pupil to have a machine of their own. This all had to be completed within a fixed budget and a strict time scale. This needed to be ready for pupils to use in their new term beginning September 2017.

Here you can see what the It Suite looked like before the install.

For the solution we chose modern Dell Latitude All-In-One desktops. They offer the smallest desk footprint possible and due to having to fit almost double the amount of desktops into the same space, these were the best fit. They also have minimum cables and look very modern but also have the performance to handle the most demanding educational software. We also installed an oval shaped table which made best use of the available space in the IT Suite. Then the last thing we did was change the large chairs to smaller stools. In order to deliver this project in the most cost effective manner, we rebuilt the existing machines with Windows 10. This was delivered on time and within budget.

Once the project was completed, the school got an array of benefits from our solutions. Firstly, the use of the All-In-One desktops allowed for more space which enables the desks to look tidier and clear. An up-to-date and modern classroom means that the students can work seamlessly without any unnecessary distractions. By using an oval table and smaller stools we managed to maximise the empty space in the room which allowed for the extra machines to put without the room looking overcrowded. By updating the older machines, this meant that we did not need to purchase a whole suite of All-In-One desktops which therefore meant that we could keep this project as cost-effective as possible.

Here you can see the IT Suite after the install.

This is what the client had to say about our work within this project –

“Thank you so much for updating our IT suite – it’s looking fantastic!”

Beth Larcombe, Headteacher.


The Top 6 Tech Trends to watch out for in 2018

We are setting in comfortably into 2018 now and there is already an array of exciting tech trends for 2018. We are going to take a look at some of the top Tech Trends for 2018, some showcased at the CES 2018.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has already done some great things, particularly in the medical industry. Already, there are developed programmes that can identify the signs of Alzheimer’s disease up to ten years before the symptoms appear. It can even detect bowel cancer during a colonoscopy. It is predicted that AI will just keep on developing.

It is thought that in the future, everybody will have a virtual assistant i.e. Alexa or Google. These virtual assistants will just keep on getting smarter, to maybe even writing news reports or getting dinner ready. But as far as 2018 is concerned, AI is going to be on the rise and just prepare yourself for more from Artificial Intelligence.

Wireless Charging

Although wireless charging is definitely not new, it is a trend that was showcased at the CES 2018 and seems like it is really going to take off. Wireless charging is charging your device without having to physically plug it in, this is usually done through charging pads which you can place your device on top of. Manufacturers like Belkin an iOttie showcased their new products at CES 2018. Even PowerMat has now adopted the new QI standard. So it seems that one single charging method for iOS and Android has a great possibility to be very popular this year. There is even the opportunity to be charging wearables such as the Apple Watch.



Smart Cities

There have recently been articles in the media in relation to developments on products that will make your city a smart city. The first of these would be the developments to roads. It has been rumoured that the tech giant Qualcomm are investing in the car industry by creating roads that can charge electric cars. Then there are the Dominos self-driving pizza delivery cars. We will hear a lot more from new developments within the smart cities trend this year.



You may of heard of 4G, well now there is 5G. 5G is a type of wireless technology that is being raved about at the moment. 5G connectivity will result in greater capacity, higher speeds and lower latency. Lower latency means that there will be far fewer delays in the devices that it powers. It has been said that 5G has the potential to be 10 times faster than 4G. We look forward to hearing more about how 5G is developing in 2018.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality really came to surface last year within the ‘Pokemon Go‘ app. This became very popular very quickly. Well, expect to see Augmented Reality to surface again this year even bigger and better. It is predicted that there will be many exciting apps such as being able to look at your living room through a camera and placing a sofa in position to see if it will look right. You can expect to see everything from virtual clothes apps to more games like Pokemon Go.

Displays that disappear

TVs are everywhere nowadays and they take up lots of valuable space. Now LG have come up with a brand new concept which they launched at the CES 2018 to help save space. It is a 65-inch OLED TV that rolls up like a scroll. They exhibited this with a white box that held the spooling mechanism inside which rolled up the TV. This is a great development and leads you to think of a whole load of possibilities. You could carry a display box with you and then roll out a blueprint anywhere you like.

We are very excited for what is to come in 2018 for the industry. Let us know what you think about the above exciting tech trends!


Introducing our newest member – Austen!

A new feature that we are going to start rolling out every month onto our blog is ‘Meet The Team’. This month we introduce our newest member to the Coretek team and that is Austen Petty! So we asked him a few questions about himself…

What is your role at Coretek?

I am a Junior Support Technician at Coretek and I’m part of the Servicedesk team.

How long have you worked in IT for?

I have worked in IT for 18 months, including my apprenticeship last year at Perins School.

What is something that not many people know about you?

I used to be in 3 bands, 2 at school and 1 outside of school. I played a tenor steel pan, bass guitar and cornet.

What is your favourite film?

Probably Rush Hour 2, just a great mix of action and comedy.

How do you spend your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy playing sports with friends like Tennis, Badminton and Snooker. I also do a bit of buying and selling on eBay.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I would like to be able to fly or breathe underwater, those 2 would be very cool if it were possible.

What is your favourite food?

Another difficult one with so much choice! I would say a top quality lasagna is in the top 3 foods and the others must have some type of meat as part of it :).

If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?

I’d rather be a predator than prey like an eagle because their eyesight is 5x sharper than humans so they could see an ant from a ten-story building or a rabbit from 4 miles away. And the best bit is being able to fly!

What is one thing that you could not live without?

I would say family, as I don’t know what I would do if they didn’t exist.

What have you always wanted to do, but never done?

I have always wanted to travel round the world, like around the world in 80 days. Also, I would like to go deep sea scuba diving as this is something else I haven’t done but would love to.

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