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New Client Spotlight Lydlynch Preschool

New Client Spotlight: Lydlynch Pre-School

We would like to give a big Coretek welcome to one of our latest clients – Lydlynch Preschool!

Lydlynch are a friendly and highly experienced pre-school based in Totton, Hampshire. The pre-school provides young learners with a caring and stimulating environment where they can grow and learn.

Here are some words from pre-school manager Claire Thompson about what makes their pre-school unique:

“​​At Lydlynch Pre-School we provide a welcoming, friendly, safe and secure environment that helps children develop social skills, independence and a positive self-image.

We use a ‘key carer’ approach, which means staff members support the learning and development of those identified as their ‘key children’. This approach is implemented through detailed planning and observations of individual children.

All planning reflects the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to ensure that age and stage-appropriate activities and experiences are always available.”

Find out more over at the Lydlynch Pre-School Website

In terms of IT, our first project was to implement Office 365. This provided access to the Office suite of programs, as well as cloud storage with OneDrive and Exchange Online for easy and reliable email access. Watch the blog for a full case study in future.

We look forward to working closely with Claire and the team over the next few months and beyond.


What’s new from SecureInternet?

For those who are wondering how progress is going with our fast and secure internet solution, SecureInternet, this blog post is for you!

As we first announced  at the end of 2017, we are going to be launching an internet package that will provide lightning-fast speeds with comprehensive security included as standard.

The solution is currently being put through its paces by one of our school clients. One of the important factors is to ensure that all hosted services still work through the new line. This is particularly important for educational clients, as access to hosted services such as SIMS is vital as these are the key tools that admin staff and teachers use on a daily basis.

In addition to this, we have been carrying out line speed tests to determine that our lines provide the rapid upload and download speeds that our clients have been asking for. Finally, we have been carrying out comprehensive security tests so we can guarantee a safe web browsing experience for all users.

Testing of the solution has gone extremely well so far and we are now in the final stages. Based on testing so far, we are working towards a launch date around May 2018.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can register your interest by calling us on 0800 304 7444 or email us at and we will make sure to notify you as soon as SecureInternet goes live!


Romsey Primary School upgraded to Promethean Interactive Flat Panels – here’s how it went…

We recently installed 3 Promethean Interactive Flat Panels into one of our schools, Romsey Primary School. They wanted to upgrade their projectors and whiteboards for something that they could use “all in one”.

To use the whiteboards they are able to connect their laptop or PC via HDMI to the Interactive Flat Panel. It will then essentially work like a giant touch screen computer!


Interactive Flat Panels are a great way to get the teachers and students involved with the lesson. The ‘crisp image and brilliant colours’ in the Promethean Flat Panels make it easier to read. Also with Promethean, you get free next-generation interactive lesson software which is trusted by teachers worldwide.





Coretek celebrate World Book Day

For those who do not know, today is World Book Day! So what is World Book Day? Its is a day of celebration for authors, illustrator, books and reading. World Book Day is celebrated in over 100 countries all over the world and this is the 21st year that there has been a World Book Day.

The main aim of today is to get children of all ages to come together to celebrate reading. This is done by children dressing up as their favourite character from a book and by each student receiving a book token that has been kindly donated by National Book Tokens Ltd., which they can use to get £1 off a book.

We decided to celebrate World Book Day by celebrating one of our team members’ contributions to the literature industry.

Our Senior Systems Engineer Consultant David Green has contributed to multiple books as a technical reviewer. One of his proudest contributions was for the book Getting Started with PowerShell by Michael Shepard. This book provides a really good grounding in the basics of PowerShell and how to get started. Also included in this book are advanced concepts in PowerShell such as an introduction to functions and modules. This was the second book that David reviewed and the one that he contributed the most to. You can see a little bit about David and who he is (or was in 2015!) at the front of the book. But it is throughout the book that you will see his technical contributions.

Also recommend by David himself is a video course, rather than a book called PowerShell 3 Jump Start which is one of the most entertaining and informative video courses David has seen.

So, what are you doing to celebrate World Book Day?


Case Study – How we nearly doubled Wellow School’s IT suite capacity without building work or breaking the bank

We recently completed a project for Wellow Primary School who are a Primary School based in Wellow.

They gave us the task of increasing the current suite of 17 machines to 30 which would allow each pupil to have a machine of their own. This all had to be completed within a fixed budget and a strict time scale. This needed to be ready for pupils to use in their new term beginning September 2017.

Here you can see what the It Suite looked like before the install.

For the solution we chose modern Dell Latitude All-In-One desktops. They offer the smallest desk footprint possible and due to having to fit almost double the amount of desktops into the same space, these were the best fit. They also have minimum cables and look very modern but also have the performance to handle the most demanding educational software. We also installed an oval shaped table which made best use of the available space in the IT Suite. Then the last thing we did was change the large chairs to smaller stools. In order to deliver this project in the most cost effective manner, we rebuilt the existing machines with Windows 10. This was delivered on time and within budget.

Once the project was completed, the school got an array of benefits from our solutions. Firstly, the use of the All-In-One desktops allowed for more space which enables the desks to look tidier and clear. An up-to-date and modern classroom means that the students can work seamlessly without any unnecessary distractions. By using an oval table and smaller stools we managed to maximise the empty space in the room which allowed for the extra machines to put without the room looking overcrowded. By updating the older machines, this meant that we did not need to purchase a whole suite of All-In-One desktops which therefore meant that we could keep this project as cost-effective as possible.

Here you can see the IT Suite after the install.

This is what the client had to say about our work within this project –

“Thank you so much for updating our IT suite – it’s looking fantastic!”

Beth Larcombe, Headteacher.


On the 10th Day of Christmas Coretek offered you… 1 month FREE SecureSuite Archive!

In conjunction with the 12 Days of Christmas and the launch of our new SecureArchive service, we have a fantastic offer for you.

Anyone who signs up to SecureArchive in the next week will receive one month completely free of charge.

SecureArchive is our new email archiving service backed by technology from industry leading Barracuda networks.

Email archiving is a highly beneficial service which can benefit every business.  Email archiving is when email is stored in a secondary location to ensure that emails are safely stored and are available over a long period of time. Think of it as a backup for your email.

Imagine if someone in your organisation accidentally deleted an important email. How would you get this back? If you had email archiving, you could simply search the archive and restore the email. Without an email archive, this email may be lost for good.

SecureArchive starts at only a few pounds per user per month so if you are interested in safeguarding your email, get in touch today and claim your offer. The offer begins now and will end at 5pm on Cyber Monday the 27th.

You can contact us by calling on 0800 304 7444 or by email at or by our social media pages – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Our great Christmas Card Competition designed by year 1 pupils!

This Christmas we asked our schools to get involved with a really exciting competition! We wanted the year 1 Pupils at our schools to design us our 2017 Christmas Card!

The only requirement was that the card needed to be A5 and that was it! We received some excellent entries and wanted to show you them all.

Our winner comes from Awbridge Primary School with a lovely message in her design. Please see the design below –


Poppy from Awbridge School

We are now going to take a look at all of the school’s entries.

Awbridge Primary School

Copythorne Infants School

Netley Marsh Infants School

Romsey Primary School


We have had some really great entries and we are very pleased with them all! Thank you to our schools for taking part.


On the 4th day of Christmas Coretek offered you…

Buy 50 CSC’s and Receive a FREE Amazon Echo Dot!

A ‘CSC’ is a Coretek Service Credit, which is an hour of our engineering time. Contact us for more information.

To redeem, contact us with the code: 4thDayOfChristmas

Voucher codes are redeemable until the end of January. Purchase does not have to be made on point of redemption.

Please contact us via social media, call or email us today to redeem this prize – 08003047444 or



How to use Technology to have an Eco-Friendly Christmas this year!

With Christmas quickly approaching us and the dread of debt for all the Christmas presents, food, decorations and much more. Why dont you take a step back and have an affordable and eco-friendly christms this year with the help of technology? Which is not only great for the environment, but great for your wallet too.

LED Lights

Did you know the LED lights use up to 95% less energy than traditional bulbs? LED lights convert 95% of their energy into light and only 5% into heat, whereas fluorescent lights convert 95% into heat and only 5% into light! LED lights also draw much less power than traditional lighting. A typical 84-watt fluorescent lightbulb can be replaced with a 36 watt LED bulb. Using less energy reduces the demand from power plants and therefore decreases greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to this, LED lights have a better quality of light distribution and a longer lifespan. LED bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours. Due to all of the above factors, this means that LED lighting is cheaper in the long run and better for the environment.

LED lights are no more expensive either, you can pick them up in the form of fairy lights for a couple of pounds. You can use these to decorate your tree with this year and not have to worry about the strain of them on your electricity bill.

Go Online

Another way to use technology for an eco-friendly Christmas would be to go online. There are two main things that you can choose to do online that may really help you this Christmas. Firstly, you can buy E-Cards online or create your own and send them to your receivers inbox. The point of doing this is so that you save money on unnecessary packaging. You can also do your Christmas shopping online. This could be your presents or your food shopping, resulting in you saving on car emissions.

Saving on heating

One way to save on your heating over Christmas would be by using a Smart Thermostat. You will need to pay for the initial thermostat and its installation but once this has been installed it will forever save you money. You can control the thermostat from your Smartphone, you can control which rooms you would like the heating on and at what time. You can then also purchase extra sensors which can be put on doors and this will enable the heating to turn on in a room once that door has been opened. By setting schedules for your heating you could save up to £130 a year. One product we recommend for this would be Hive Active Heating Smart Thermostat.

Smart Power Strips

So you may not have heard of Smart Power Strips before but they really are an amazing asset for saving electricity. Many devices you may think are completely off when switched off but they are not, they are in standby mode and are still using power. A Smart Power Strip looks similar to an extension cord but the benefit of it is that it shuts off all power to the devices. It works by preventing power to the electronics when they are plugged in. The benefit of using a Smart Power Strip is that you won’t need to spend the time unplugging all of your devices in order to save energy and money, the Smart Power Strip does that automatically for you.

Gifting for tech lovers

So you want to stay eco-friendly this Christmas but you have a family member or friend who is a massive tech lover? Well, there are many products out there made from sustainable materials that may be ideal. For example, you can get energy-efficient computer monitors. The PowerSensor display line by Phillips has great monitors made for this purpose. If you move away from the monitor then the screen can detect this and will go into power saving mode, this reduces the amount of electricity it draws by 80%.

All of the above factors could really help you to save money on your home this Christmas whilst being eco-friendly!


Did you know that we provide IT Support for Nurseries and Preschools too?

Did you know that we also provide IT Support and Consultancy services for nurseries?

We understand that budgets can be a lot tighter for nurseries and support needs are subtly different to primary or secondary schools due to relatively fewer pieces of IT equipment. We have taken that all on board and have created a specific IT support package specifically designed for nurseries and preschools.

This uses a bank of hours that called be called on whenever IT support is needed. Simply contact our ServiceDesk and you have instant access to our of our friendly, experienced engineers to help resolve your issue. If the issue requires on site support, this is also covered. This more ad-hoc approach allows nurseries to get access to exactly the same great level of service as our larger clients but at a price that fits within nursery school budgets.

We also offer an array of services from IT Consultancy and Support to Cabling Services and Cloud Backup Solutions.

If you are a nursery in need of IT Support then let us know by getting in contact with us at 0800 304 7444 or by email at