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End of Hampshire IT Services – How We Can Help

As you are probably aware, Hampshire IT are stopping many services during 2021. The idea of changing suppliers can be daunting; ending up with unreliable IT systems can increase frustration and waste time for everyone.

The key deadlines are as follows:  

  • Microsoft Licensing – 31 October 2020 
  • Centrally managed McAfee Anti-virus – 31 December 2020  
  • IT Service Desk – 31 July 2021
  • Hampshire Hosted Service (HSS) – 31 July 2021

If you have not yet made allowances for these services, you need to act so do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help. 

It is possible to remove this frustration, gain back those wasted hours, and make the most of your IT budget. Coretek have been helping primary schools in Hampshire and Dorset do exactly this for over 21 years.

We follow a proven 4-step plan to ensure you have exceptional IT services:

  1. Get to know you – We get to know you and your unique requirements by carrying out a detailed survey of your current systems and discussing what you want to achieve from your IT.
  2. Fix any issues – Any issues that are causing frustration are investigated and resolved. Our solutions are impartial, represent best value and are guided by our 21+ years of experience.
  3. Keep things running smoothly – Once your IT is in a reliable state, we keep it that way by providing real-time monitoring, unlimited remote support, and strict SLAs to get your calls resolved fast.
  4. Plan for the future – With the peace of mind that your IT is working, we help you plan for the future. Our annual budget report helps you forecast up to 3 years in the future so there are no nasty surprises.

If you sign up with our Total Care ICT support package before 1 August 2021, your first 3 on-site support visits will be completely free of charge.

Imagine no more time spent dealing with issues or wasted money from poor advice. Having reliable and efficient IT systems allow everyone to focus on providing an exceptional learning environment that breeds success.

We would love to speak to you further about how we can help you move IT from a source of frustration to a source of inspiration. Either email us at or call us today on 0800 304 7444 to speak to one of our friendly team.


Threat discovered by Dell Security – Ensure your Firewalls are covered!

We have been notified that there have been reports of a new threat.

The new threat is a Ransomware Trojan, which has been named ‘Jigsaw’ after the character from the film Saw. It is encrypting the system files and deleting them if the desired payment has not been made.

Whilst the files are being encrypted, the attached image shows the message that is being shown. The Trojan begins a countdown and threatens to deleted mentioned files each hour. Find out more here –

We have put together a few tips to make sure that your school or business is protected:
  • Check the email address of the sender, not just the display.
  • Do not open any emails from an address you do not recognise. 
  • Be extremely wary of clicking on any links within an email.
  • Ensure that you anti-virus software is fully updated with the latest signatures.
  • Ensure that any operating systems, browsers and browser plugins are up to date with the latest security patches (obtained from the manufacturing vendor)

If you need any more advice, please contact us on 0800 304 7444 or

Office 365 Outage!

Microsoft Office 365 has had an outage which has affected thousands of people across Europe. This has had impact upon users email and  online access to Word, Excel and other software.

So if you have had any issues with accessing your Office 365 email, Microsoft have said that they now have fixed the issue.


SIMS Technical Cautions on Upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft launched Windows 10 on the 29th of July 2015. This is a free upgrade for users who currently operate Window 7  or 8.1.

Windows 10 has plenty of benefits which we have outlined in our blog –  Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?. However, it is still advised that you should think carefully before you upgrade. This means ensuring that you have backed up your data, and you have fully researched the operating system. Specifically, in regards to any SIMS workstations. This is because Capita has provided advice that it will not support Windows 10 until April 2016.

At the moment, Capita plans to support Windows 10 on 64-bit workstations only. So if you are to upgrade or replace PC’s and laptops, you will need to wait for clarity from Capita.

So our recommendation is to not upgrade to Windows 10 as of yet if you are a Capita SIMS user.

If you need any advice, you can contact Coretek!

0800 304 7444

Virus warning – Cryptolocker virus

We have noticed a recent increase in a particularly nasty form of malware known as the Cryptolockler virus. This is sometimes also known as the CryptoWall virus.

Here’s what happens:

Upon infecting the machine in question, the virus proceeds to encrypt all of the user’s data, including local hard drives and network shares.

Cryptolocker 1

The only way to get the data un-encrypted is to pay a ransom fee and even then, there is no guarantee that this will be honoured.

Cryptolocker 2

This is potentially very damaging as there is the potential for an entire companies data to be lost.

The most common source of this virus is via email. A user will receive an email from a seemingly legitimate company such as eBay or a courier service inviting them to click a link. Upon clicking the link, the virus will be downloaded and will infect the user’s machine. There is also a possibility for this virus to propagate using other channels such as messenger programs and social media.


Watch out for the following:
• Do not open any emails from an address you do not recognise. Check the actual email address not just the sender’s name.
• Be very wary of clicking on any links within an email, even if the email is from someone in your address book or from a seemingly legitimate company.

To ensure that you are protected, we recommend the following preventative measures:
• Anti-virus software is fully updated with the latest signatures
• Operating systems, browsers and browser plugins are up to date with the latest security patches

As with any security issue, informing and educating staff is paramount so it’s always a good idea to inform everyone in your company who could be affected.

New Website

New Coretek Group Website is LIVE!!!

So after many months of hard work, a lot of discussion, and a few late nights, the new shiny Coretek Group website has gone live!

It has been redesigned to reflect our company ethos and updated branding, which is clear, concise and transparent.

Company MD Garry Miller said of our new website:

I see our company website as an important window for our clients. We have a great team of people with innovative, technical and design skills. I wanted to show these skills and what better than with a new website!

We invite you to have a look around at each area of the site, and see what our Group encompasses. Maybe you’ll find out that we could offer a service you didn’t know we did? Maybe you know someone who could benefit from our services?

What ever your situation the team at Coretek are here to help, so get in touch today to see if we can help you and your business!

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