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How to encrypt emails in Office 365

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Office 365 now offers the ability to send encrypted emails, which is a fantastic way of securely sending any sensitive or confidential information via email. Here is how you enable the feature and start sending out encrypted emails in only a few steps. What is email encryption? Email encryption is a way of protecting the […]


How to securely remember all of your passwords

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A Password Manager is a software that will store all of your login information for the websites that you use. If you want to keep your favourite sites safe from any security breaches, then a password manager is the way forward. Generally you would repeat your password across different sites, right? Well, with a Password Manager you are […]


Introducing the first ever Microsoft HoloLens

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Just over a year ago, Microsoft introduced  the Microsoft HoloLens. It is now ready for sale as of the 30th of March. ‘The Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully untethered, holographic computer, enabling you to interact with high-definition holograms in your world.’ – Through the use  of ‘goggles’ you can see  whole  virtual world […]


Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive beats the competition!

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Dell SonicWALL Supermassive E10800 beats the competition as validated by NSS LABS. NSS Labs are the ‘world’s leading information security company’. They focus primarily on IT security and hold one of the world’s leading security product testing laboratories. They provide ‘in-depth security product test reports, research and analyst services.’ Many of the largest businesses in the world rely […]


Apple’s iOS update for Education

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The newest Apple iOS update is deemed to be significant within Education. There is specifically new features for classroom use. Teachers are now able to create profiles for all of their pupils, and these profiles are accessible from every iPad. The login process has been simplified for those of a younger age. When a pupil logs into […]


Top Tips: How To Protect Your Website from Hackers

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Having one of your clients phone you up to say their website has been hacked over the holidays, is not something any IT support company wants. However, just that thing happened only this last week to a client who has a website hosted by another IT provider. Following on from this act of destruction, we […]

Wireless Charging Pad

How does wireless charging work?

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So what is wireless charging? Wireless charging is a way of charging your devices, this being a tablet, a laptop, a smartphone or even devices as large as an electric car, without the use of cables or adapters. How does wireless charging actually work? Wireless charging is extremely popular as you are able to just […]