Read on to find out how Coretek's very first school continue to innovate when it comes to providing enaging ICT for their pupils and the role we have played in their success.


Wellow Primary School are a primary school based in Wellow, Hampshire. They have approximately 200 pupils spread across 6 year groups. They are a well-loved local school with a rich history.


One of Wellow's more recent projects came from a requirement to increase the number of machines in the suite from 17 to 30, to allow for one computer per pupil.
This would not just involve the purchase and building of machines but a complete redesign of the IT suite layout. All of which needed to be completed within a fixed budget and strict timescales – to be ready for use when the pupils returned from the summer break.

Another challenge came when the school became a Federation with another local primary school - Awbridge Primary. Staff would need to be able to move seamlessly between sites and share a consistent set of files and folders.


When planning the new ICT suite, almost double the number of machines had to fit into the same physical space. Therefore, the desk layout had to be meticulously planned and measured. Further space was freed up by installing a new oval table to make the most of the space and swapping large chairs for stools.
As for computer hardware, Modern Dell Latitude All-In-One desktops were supplied as these offer the smallest desk footprint possible. These machines have no separate desktop – the computer is contained within the monitor. They also have the added bonus of having very few cables and looking very modern, whilst still having the performance to handle the most demanding educational software.
This project also had to be delivered in the most cost effective manner possible. To achieve this, the existing machines were rebuilt with Windows 10, providing pupils access to the latest operating system and a consistent experience across the suite, whilst keeping costs low.
The entire project was delivered within budget and on schedule, in time for the pupils returning from their summer break to use their brand new IT suite!

After Wellow became federated with Awbridge Primary, they needed to merge their IT systems, allowing staff to work together. DFS was used to keep continuity of data at each site and a single Windows Domain was created to be able to centrally manage all of the user accounts. This has allowed staff to move between sites and use the same account, with access to all their work.

Having been one of the first schools to move to a third-party IT support provider, Wellow School have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to IT.

As well as their new Windows 10 suite, they also have invested in new IFP's (Interactive Flat Panels) in every class, have All-In-One Windows 10 desktops and iPads for their pupils, as well as being one of the first schools in the county to move to 802.11ac wireless.



Coretek have been invaluable to Wellow School. They are always available and cheerful at the end of the phone, email or in person for any problem large or small. Many queries are instantly resolved which is crucial in an environment where issues need instant solutions. Their patience and skill in driving us through what can be the minefield of ICT has ensured our continued development.


ICT Supervisor at Wellow Primary School


As one of our very first clients, Coretek have worked closely with Wellow school for a number of years.

We continue to offer on-site and remote support as well as ICT planning and guidance to Head of School Beth Larcombe and her team.


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