Coretek turns 18!

This month sees the 18th year that Coretek has been in business. On Saturday 11th February, Coretek turned 18!

This is great news for us as a company, having started life in an office above Garry’s garage as a side-line business!

We asked Garry, the CEO of Coretek, what he made of it being our 18th year in business! He commented that:

“most new IT companies don’t typically last more than a few years, and those who do last are usually bought out by bigger companies – so for Coretek to still be going strong as an independent IT company, over 18 years later, is a testament to the business and the people who work for it”.

He went on to say he was “thrilled the company is still going after all these years, and is looking forward to what the next chapter brings”.

We have been celebrating our 18th year in business and one way we did this was by completely renovating our office! Take a look at these photos of our new office in the making…

Keep an eye out on our page to find out what the finish looks like!

About the Author Bethany Kibler

Bethany is our Marketing Assistant. Bethany has always been interested in everything creative and digital. Coming from studying art based subjects, she joined Coretek and took her creative abilities and revolutionised them into Digital Marketing. Whilst working at Coretek she has completed her Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing. Bethany now has a passion for all things social media, web and design. In her spare time, you would find Bethany watching live music and practising her artistic side through textiles design.