Google Partnership – Coming Soon!

Coretek has always been proud of providing the best technology solutions for our clients. As such, we continually investigate the latest and greatest solutions in the IT market.

To this end, we are very happy to announce that Coretek are very close to completing our Google Partner Certification and are due to become an official Google partner!

This means that we can provide and support products across the Google ecosystem including:

And many more…

We will not only be certified to install and support all of the Google products but we will also be able to offer some very exciting discounts and offers! This will not only include products like G Suite but hardware such as Chromebooks and Tablets as well.

At Coretek, we are very excited to see how Google are developing a suite of products that are offering Cloud-based technology (so you can access your files from anywhere) and at a very affordable price too.

Watch this space on more news on our Google partnership in the next few weeks.

About the Author Stephen Oke

Steve looks after our Marketing and Operations. He is responsible for attracting new clients and ensuring our existing clients continue to receive exceptional customer service. A proud dad, he loves graphic design, photography and travel.