Did you know that Coretek provide military grade services and are CIDA certified? – Coretek Group
Ministry of Defence

Did you know that Coretek provide military grade services and are CIDA certified?

Did you know..?? Phil James, our Infrastructure Services Manager, is a CIDA qualified design engineer. The CIDA (Defence Co-ordinating Installation Design Authority) qualification covers all aspects of JSP604 and JSP480/440 installation practices with particular emphasis on professional standards as set forth by The Ministry of Defence.

Coretek is firmly committed to setting high procedural and installation standards applicable to our ICT installations within MoD facilities or sites where MoD data is processed or handled.

The CIDA qualification, coupled with the high level of knowledge that Phil has garnered throughout his career, ensures that customers can be confident that Coretek have the capabilities to design and install compliant infrastructure.

Phil thoroughly understands the installation requirements such as EMC, ICT and power, through to electronic security, Wi-Fi, BLE and MoD ICT control structure and procedures which are under-pinned by Defence CIDA requirements.

His vast array of experiences makes him a valuable member of the CIS (Coretek Infrastructure Services) team.

If you require help with any MOD ICT installation, please contact us as we would be more than happy to assist you

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