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The first look at the iPhone X – the 10th anniversary iPhone from Apple

The iPhone X – the biggest product launched by Apple this year. It celebrates the 10th anniversary of Apple’s iPhone, with the ‘X’ being pronounced as 10.

The new iPhone has an 5.8 inch OLED screen, a glass front and back which is said to be the strongest used yet, as well as being waterproof and having the ability to wirelessly charge. The OLED screen fills the majority of the front of the device excluding a small black slither at the top. This is a bar that includes the front camera, the speaker and microphone, an infrared camera for face recognition, proximity sensor and a floor illuminator as well as an ambient light sensor and a dot projector. These are all in the very small section at the top of the iPhone X. There is no longer a home button just a simple swipe up to access the home screen. The improved cameras have a 12Mp sensor and a new telephoto camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).  As well as OIS the rear cameras have a fast lens which creates incredible photos and videos, in any light.

The phone can now be unlocked with Face ID, a facial recognition software that recognises your features and unlocks the phone. Face ID is enabled by the TrueDepth camera, it maps your face with over 30,000 invisible dots so that it can recognise you in any lighting or style. You can also use the Face ID for Apple Pay and customising the new animoji.  A new feature in Portrait mode is the Portrait Lighting. Get studio-quality lighting effects. Animoji combines animations with emojis. It captures your facial expressions and muscles and portrays them on an emoji. So you can simply turn yourself into an emoji. Another development with the iPhone X is that it has been tuned for Augmented Reality. This has been done by Apple specially designing the cameras to be optimised for the technology. Augmented Reality is the technology that uses a phone or tablet’s camera and a specific software to put virtual images on top of the real-life images.

The phone is powered by the A11 Bionic, This is the ‘most powerful and smartest chip ever in an iPhone’ as stated by Apple. There is a neutral engine which is capable of up to 600 billion operations per second. There is a 70% faster CPU and two 25% faster performance cores. Machine learning powered by the A11 Bionic, enables to Face ID to adapt to physical changes over time. The A11 chip was also designed to improve the performance of the AR apps.

If this phone takes your fancy then you will have to wait a little while until you can get your hands on one. With the official pre-order date being the 27th of October and the official release date being the 3rd of November. Expect to be set back $999 for the 64GB version and $1149 for the 256GB version.


Best Design Apps for Apple products right now!

Designers have been using the great design apps that the Apple has to offer since the beginning. Why is that?  They often offer great innovative design that can go with you anywhere and can also fit in your pocket. Lets take a look at some of the very best design apps out there.


Assembly is built to enable you to easily create great vector images without having to be an expert in design. This app is ideal for graphic designers. With this app you are able to create stickers, schemes, icons and other graphics.  What makes this app so easy to use is that you don’t have to draw your own vector shape, as there is a library of shapes, stickers and symbols. These can be put together to create a larger design. With smart tools such as multi-select, adjust fill, stroke and shadow you can create real professional images. This design app was a part of the App Store Best of 2015 and is completely free! You can upgrade to Assembly Pro for a fee.



If you’re a photographer then this app really is the one for you. You will get quick access to: exposure and lens information, magnifier for pixel-level details, capture time in local time, camera model and manufacturer, RGB and luminosity histograms, image size and much more. You can easily see the finer details of your pictures. You are able to add a watermark, set copyright, remove location information and add GPS metadata to your photos. This app is not free but comes at a mere £1.99 making it extremely great value for what you get.


Paper really is the best way to capture your thoughts, designs and notes as soon as an idea comes to your head. So what could be better than being able to have digital paper for those times you don’t have a pen and paper but will always have your phone. Paper quickly creates clear checklists and notes for users, it can act like a digital wall of sticky notes that you can take around with you. Capture your illustrations, sketches and diagrams seamlessly. It can also bring text, photos and sketches together. You can present your work onto PDFs, PowerPoint presentations or Keynote. Paper will work better on an iPad. This app is completely free.

Font Candy

This app allows you to create quotes, captions, filters, colours and artwork and overlay them onto photos. You can hand pick your own fonts to liven up you pictures and take photos with the app’s built in camera timer. You can work with the integrates photo library in case you have none of your own. This is one of the most creative apps for image editing and photo sharing. Font Candy is free.



Layers is a natural media painting app for iPhone or iPod Touch. Layers has everything that you need so you can be creative on the go. This app features a large selection of brushes, full color, paint, erase and smudge tools as well as the ability to add 5 layers to your drawings. You can add photos to your drawings and then position and scale them to see how they will appear on top of your existing work. Once you have created your images, you can email the file as a PSD and it will show the layers separately within the layers panel. Priced at £4.99 it is an excellent price for an app that allows you seamlessly design whilst on the go.


This is a guest blog post by James Clarke who completed work experience with Coretek during 2017.

This month's Cooltek

The futuristic BMW HoloActive, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple’s new update in this months Top gadgets!

Our pick of last months best gadgets includes the latest from futuristic cars, easy scheduling software and brand new phones. Our team has taken a look at what new developments have taken their fancy throughout this past month, read on to find out more!


The first thing that has impressed our team this month is Doodle. Doodle is a tool that simplifies scheduling. You can find the date and time to meet people quickly and efficiently with Doodle. You begin by suggesting dates and times for your events participants to choose from. Doodle then creates a polling calendar that can be sent to participants for feedback. Doodle then looks at the best available times for the participants and gives you the best option for everyone.

Apple’s iOS Update

If you are an Apple user you could be in store for an update. Apple is rolling out iOS 10.3 for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The new update brings a lot of additions such as Find My AirPods, a new filesystem, CarPlay and more. They are also introducing a way for developers to reply to app reviews. There will even be iCloud analytics introduced for the first time ever.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Bixby

Samsung have just released their brand new Galaxy S8. This new phone is very promising and has caught the attention of many. It comes with an infinity screen, no buttons on the front, a fingerprint scanner on the back and an iris and face scanner. The S8 screen is a rather big 5.8inch and then the S8+ is a whopping 6.2inch. But they have said it does not feel too big at all. The 12MP camera is very fast and captures things as they happen. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is even waterproof and can be immersed into 1.5 metres of water for up to 30 minutes!

Our team love the addition of the new personal assistant, Bixby. This is a rival for Apples Siri and Google’s personal assistant. Bixby understands speech, text and taps. He even recognises objects through the use of the camera. For example, if your camera shows a watch, then Bixby will search watch and will provide you with other images of a watch and will even take you to Amazon to buy a watch. Overall, it is looking to be a promising phone. Check out more about the all new Samsung Galaxy S8 here.

BMW HoloActive Touch System

BMW have unveiled their latest creation the BMW HoloACtive Touch System at CES 2017. This is an interface between the driver and the vehicle that acts like a virtual touchscreen. So for the first time ever, functions in a BMW car can be controlled without any physical contact with materials. Their system for the driver interface, which behaves like a virtual touchscreen means that your hands float in the air when gesturing to control the vehicle functions. The interior design of the BMW HoloActive is very open and has a living room feel to it. there are speakers within the head rest and each passenger in the car can listen to their own choice of music and films and they will not hear each others. In the back of the car there is a tablet enabled 4k projection screen.


Google Pixel, the new smartphone by Google

Google have recently released their new phone – Google Pixel. This phone has been said to be on par with the iPhone 7, with some users even preferring the Google Pixel. The Google Pixel comes with a multitude of new features and has been called ‘the best Android phone that has ever been made’. Lets take a look at some of the new features that Google has brought us.

Design –

So lets begin with the overall look of the new Google phone. You get an all-metal body with an all-glass display. There is a fingerprint scanner, a headphone socket and easy to grip curved edges. You can purchase the Google Pixel in either Quite Black or Very Silver. The Google Pixel also comes in two sizes. You can get the original Google Pixel with a 5″ screen or the Google Pixel XL which has a 5.5″ screen. The display on the AMOLED screen is very clear and crisp, with vibrant colours and deep blacks.

Google Assistant –

What is probably is the most exciting new feature about the Google Pixel, is Google Assistant. The Google Assistant is sort of like iPhone’s Siri or Window’s Cortana. The Google Assistant is meant to be your very own Google. Google have described the assistant to be conversational – you can have a two-way dialogue between yourself and Google.  So this means that you can ask Google Assistant one thing and then ask several follow-up questions. Google Assistant will be able to keep track of the conversation and will be able to audibly respond with the correct information. Along with this, the Google Assistant can do a multitude of tasks such as creating events, booking a table, setting reminders, sending texts to your friends, plan your travel and much more. Take a look at the video below to see more about what the Google Assistant can really do.

Camera –

The Google Pixel camera has been said to be pretty outstanding. There is a 12.3MP Sony camera on the back of the phone which can shoot up to 4K videos, video stabilisation and supposedly a faster speed on the capture time. On the front you get an 8MP camera and with a shake of the hand you can switch your back camera to the front camera. Along with all this, you also have a lot of settings that you can apply to the camera e.g. Slow Motion, Panorama, Photosphere, Lens Blur, Lightning scenes and SmartBurst. You also get unlimited storage for photos and videos within the Google’s cloud, for free! Take a look at Google Pixel’s video stabilisation below.

Battery life –

The Google Pixel Battery life is said to be a whole lot better than the iPhone 7. Just 15 minutes of charging will give you 7 hours of battery life. Then if you charge the phone up to 100%  which will take around an hour to an hour and a half, you will receive up to 24 hours of battery life. This is with fairly consistent use throughout the day.

Specifications –

Google Pixel is powered by QUALCOMM’s Snapgradon 821 processor. It has 4GB of RAM and you can choose between 32GB or 128GB of storage.

Virtual Reality –

Google Pixel is the first phone that has been made with Virtual Reality in mind. This November the Google Daydream will be released, which is their new VR headset. The Google Pixel is the perfect partner for an exciting Virtual Reality experience.

Switching from your current phone to Google Pixel –

It is very easy to switch your current iPhone or Android device over to the Google Pixel. Google have provided an easy to read step by guide on how to do this.

Pricing –

The Google Pixel is £599 for the 32GB version and £699 for the 128GB. For the Google Pixel XL it is £719 for the 32GB and £819 for the 128GB. Why not go ahead and treat yourself to an early Christmas present? Buy here!


This month's Cooltek

Coretek’s top gadgets for September!

This month has been full of Drones, Virtual Reality and Design. Our team has taken a look at what new developments have taken their fancy throughout this past month, read on to find out more!

DJI Mavic Pro

Drones are always an exciting thing within the tech world. But this DJI Mavic seems to come out just on top. The DJI Mavic is a small drone that turns the sky into a creative canvas. Although this drone is small, it is very powerful. It can help you capture every aerial moment that you wish. The reason as to why the DJI Mavic is one of the most highly rated drone sis because of its compact size that hides a high degree of complexity and due to its 24 high-performance computing cores. Along with all this you will also get a 4K camera, 5 vision sensors and new transmission system with a 7km range. The DJI Mavic drone has so many exciting features, but to name a few:

  • Sensors detect obstacles from up to 15m away.
  • ActiveTrack – pinpoint your target and get professional shoots from all angles.
  • Choose the drone’s exact position within a frame.
  • A gesture will enable the drone to take a photo. Give the drone a wave from below and get some cool photos!
  • A battery life of 27 minutes.
  • Use your phone to control the drone.
  • Use Trace, Spotlight, Profile and Circle to capture exciting videos and photos.
  • TapFly – tap on your controller where you would like the drone to go, and it will fly on its own. This is beneficial for those who struggle flying a drone in a straight line.
  • Built in editing templates and video editing functions.
  • Easily shareable to all social media platforms

So, as you can see there are so many incredible features within the DJI Mavic and its no wonder that this is one of our top tech developments this month!

Prisma app

This app is favoured due to its ability to turn anyone into an artist! Prisma will transform any of your images into a work of art. This is done through the style of famous artists, some of these being Picasso and Munk. With more than 30 styles available, you are sure to get some mind-blowing results. It is very easy to convert your images to a piece of artwork. You simply choose which filter you would like, and you’re done. However, you can also do some extra things such as change the style and filter strength and provide ‘cool colour’ for the image. This app is downloadable on any Apple device. if you want to download it on an android you need to ensure that it is above 4.0+ version of Android. Download this app and see why we think it’s so great!


Have you ever been lead in bed browsing on your laptop and wondering why you still aren’t tired? Well, this could be caused by something called blue light. Blue light tricks our brain into thinking its still the middle of the day, this makes it harder to fall asleep. This program called F.lux is essentially going to help you sleep. F.lux makes the colour of your computer screen adapt to the time of the day. It will become warmer at night and light sunlight throughout the day. F.lux will make your computer screen look like the room you are in. So when the sun sets, it will make your computer look like your indoor lights. You can even tell f.lux what kind of lighting you have in your house and whereabouts you live. From then on f.lux will do the work for you, automatically.

So if you cannot sleep at night, try downloading f.lux and see if that helps!

Speech Center VR

I’m sure by now you have heard of Virtual Reality. Well, this is the next step within the VR world – a VR Educational platform! This educational platform enables you to become a better communicator through a series of interactive VR lessons.  Included in this platform is real-time lectures who are run by top coaches. You also get the ability to practise solo. Take part is group lessons and educational meet ups. You create your own avatar and this will represent you within the virtual classrooms. The provided environments in this VR platform are designed for you to work on your speech, work on group projects or meet up with friends. All this within 20 different environments.

There are 8 targeted lessons within this first ever educational VR course. These lessons are designed to give the users the tools they need to succeed when speaking within a group of people. Learn confidence and presentation, different types of speech and tips on organisation. The course spans over 3 weeks with 3 lessons, a 15-minute lecture and 10 minutes of group work a week. There is also a version for use within an organisation. You can get Speech Centre at the Gear Store for Oculus or visit their website to find out more!

We will be back the same time next month with more tech developments for you! In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to see what’s new!


Apple’s iOS update for Education

The newest Apple iOS update is deemed to be significant within Education. There is specifically new features for classroom use. Teachers are now able to create profiles for all of their pupils, and these profiles are accessible from every iPad.

The login process has been simplified for those of a younger age. When a pupil logs into the iPad, they simply just need to click on an image of themselves. Then when they return back to their account, they can pick up where they left off.

Another feature that the new update holds, is for staff to have the ability to be able to look at an overview of what apps the students are using. Additionally, teachers are able to load up apps, books or the web to appear on every iPad throughout the class. They also are now able to lock specific apps to ensure that the students do not come out of that app.

Also, teachers will now be able to project the students work onto the interactive whiteboard for the class to see. Learn how to do this here.

‘Apple School Manager, a web-based feature, is designed to give admins a central location for creating Apple IDs, building courses, and managing accounts for students, teachers, and admins. It allows administrators to make volume purchases of books and apps and distribute the content quickly.’

You will even be able to reset the students password right form the classroom.

Apple has been working for a while now on the improvements of Education within the iPad. The update of iOS 9.3 is now available for developers. It is bound to be a success! If you would like to know more about apps to enhance your students learning experience check out our blog.

The very best of the January Sales!

Now Christmas and New year has been and passed, the next exciting thing is January Sales! After looking at the best gadgets for Christmas presents last year, lets now look at the best presents for yourself, from yourself, for a discounted price!

Lightspeed iHelicopter with Camera

This ‘super fun’ helicopter is an award winner! Controllable by your Android or iPhone – all you have to do is download the app and begin! With a camera on board and a 2G micro SD, you are able to create up to one hour of video footage. This helicopter also comes with a crash resistant body design so you don’t need to worry about where you fly yours. This lightspeed iHelicopter has a massive deal! it is now selling at the price of £32.99, which mean you’re saving a total of £42.99! Buy it here!


Lightspeed I-Helicopter by Roo Reynolds, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

In serious need of an update on your phone? Always wanted an iPhone? Why not get the latest iPhone out there! John Lewis are now doing a deal on the iPhone 6 plus for £589.00, this is a whole £200.00 off! The deal is only valid until the 21st of January –  so get yours soon! The new iPhone come with a multitude of new and updated features. With a 5.5″ Retina display, longer lasting battery life, improved camera, fingerprint security used now for purchasing apps and music. Find out more about the iPhone 6 plus here.


SAMSUNG SUHD UE55JS9000 Smart 3D Ultra HD 4k 55″ Curved LED TV    

With a curved screen, you are able to see the finest UHD picture quality. With the immersive view, you feel as if you are in the middle of the show. The curved screen gives you a balanced viewing from all areas of the screen and a real feeling of depth is apparent due to the Samsung Auto Depth Enhancer. This 4k Ultra-HD TV has 4 times the resolution of HD. As well as all of this, this TV is a Smart TV, meaning there is the capability to visit the app store and Catch-Up, not only this you also get 6 months of free Netflix. The price of this TV is £1899, which is a whopping £800 off its original price, you can purchase it from Currys.


                                                                                                                                                  Samsung SUHDTV by Vernon Chan, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

These deals will not be on for much longer! So make sure you get in quick to grab the very best of the January sales!



How to mirror your iPad onto an interactive whiteboard

iPads are being used more and more within the classroom. Something that a lot of teachers have been querying is ‘Can I reflect my iPad onto my interactive whiteboard?, and the answer is yes! There are many different ways now that you can actually use to mirror your iPad’s screen onto a PC which when connected to an interactive whiteboard, will then appear there.


You can use an adapter or cable to be able to mirror the reflection of your iPad onto an interactive whiteboard. You will need either an HDMI cable or an VGA input in order to connect with the projector. You also will need a lightning or 30-pin Dock connector. These are available on Amazon for your particular model. However this meant that the iPad had to stay stationary, as the lead was very short. But it does mean that the connection is very clear due to direct input.

But now there are a several different ways to mirror your iPad, wirelessly. We are going to take a look at some of the most popular ways.

Apple TV

When you purchase Apple TV you receive a small box. This box connects to the Interactive Whiteboard through an HDMI cable. You then are able to connect your iPad to the Apple TV box through a wireless network. The benefit of the Apple TV is that you can now work wirelessly, given you the freedom to walk around your class and interact whilst you teach. You must allow both the apple TV box and the iPad to be connected to the same wireless network. Many apps support ‘Air-Play’ and you can turn on mirroring to display the iPad on the whiteboard screen. The price of an Apple TV is around £60.00.


AirServer Is an application for the Mac. It enables you to mirror your iPads screen onto itself. AirServer comes with a few features that make it stand out., For example you can live stream your play on your device, to Youtube. AirServer is compatible for both AirPlay devices and Miracast, meaning for iPhones and Android.  One last feature is the encrypted AirPlay protects your personal photos and videos when they are transmitted through the network. AirServer costs begin at £5.99 – £13.99 depending on preferred package. However you are able to have a 7 day free trial to see if it is right for you.


Reflector is an software that can wirelessly mirror your iPad or iPhone onto your PC or MAC, which when connected to the whiteboard, will reflect there. The advantage of Reflector over any other mirror app, is that the wireless connection is always on top. Reflector is compatible with AirPlay and Miracast. You can mirror multiple devices onto your interactive whiteboard which makes it appealing within classroom use. It will also black out the background behind the reflected devices, so the focus is purely on the mirrored reflection. One last thing you can do is to live stream straight onto YouTube, so you can live stream how to videos etc. The price for Relector2 is around £10.00 and you are able to download a 7 day free trial!

These are a few of the favourite options for reflecting your device onto an Interactive Whiteboard/Projector. Our personal favourite is the Reflector2, and this is the application that we use within our schools! The technology is not flawless, none of them will be unfortunately. However, from our experience Reflector2 is a very reliable and good value for money!

Star Wars BB8 Droid

Some of the very best gadgets for those tech lovers this Christmas!

Still need to get a few last minute presents before the big day? Stuck on what to get? Well, we have taken a look at some of the very best gadgets throughout 2015! So we have chosen a select few that would be perfect for those tech lovers this Christmas!

Star Wars BB8 Droid

With the new Star Wars film just out, along comes a present that is possibly the best for those Tech and Star Wars lovers.  This very cute droid is completely controllable via a smartphone or tablet from up to 30 metres away. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Windows and any Android 4.4.2+ devices. As well as controlling it through your smartphone, you are also able to control it through voice commands. You get a whole 60 minutes of battery life after charging it for only 3 hours. The BB8 has an adaptive personality that gives it an unique attitude – evolving as you interact. Lastly, it is able to create and view holographic recordings with this ability programmed into its circuitry. The Star Wars BB8 Droid is an extremely popular gadget at the moment at only £129.99 which is still available to buy with FREE next day delivery from IWOOT.

Anker Powercore+ 20100 USB-C

There have been many portable chargers come and go throughout 2015. But one brand that has stuck and shone above the others is, Anker. The Anker Powercore+ 20100 USB-C is a ‘Ultra high capacity power bank’. PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies combine to make and provide the fastest possible charge of up to ‘2.4amps per port’. With 3 ports, you are able to simultaneously charge 3 devices at full speed. The Powercore+ is able to charge a MacBook up full once, or an Ipad up a whole time and then another 48%. As for a smartphone, you are able to get 4 plus charges out of it.  The power bank itself, takes up to 8.3 hours to fully recharge with the provided USB cable. A the price of only £34.99 with the ability to choose next day delivery at Amazon.

Sonos Play: 1

Sonos Play:1 has a lot of sound for its smaller size. As the lower priced speaker of the Sonos Play selection, it definitely does not compromise with its big sound. The Sonos Play:1 is powered by your power sockets and WiFi, enabling you to connect your phone to the speaker. You are able to control all of your music and the streaming services through the app on your smartphone/tablet/computer.  With the use of WiFi accessibility, up to 32 people can add music to your playlist, which is great for your Christmas and New Years Eve parties! Trueplay tuning which delivers sound that is ‘true to the music and right for the room’. A ‘deep, crystal clear sound’ is the result of two dedicated digital amplifiers. Add a second speaker for a complete surround sound experience. You can get just one Sonos Play:1 from John Lewis for only £169.00, or with the special offer you can save £27.00 and get two speakers for £299.00 from John Lewis. With next day click and collect to any local John Lewis or Waitrose from 2pm, you can have it in time for Christmas!

Samsung Gear S2 Classic Smartwatch

Smartwatches are becoming considerably more and more popular. The Samsung Gear S2 Classic Smartwatch looks just like any other watch. However it comes with a multitude of features. You have the complete phone functionality through connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth and WiFi. This enables you to receive notifications for calls, texts, email, etc. With a Corning Gorilla Glass watch face and a dust and water resistant finish, the Gear S2 is ready for every day life. Other features include battery life of up to 3 hours and a customisable watch face. You also have the opportunity to purchase multiple bands so it suits the user every day. The ‘rotary Bezel enables ease of navigation to access features, read long text, zoom in on maps, skip music etc.’ Included in this smartwatch is health monitoring. This monitors heart rate, calories burnt, steps taken and water versus caffeine intake. The price of this smartwatch is £299.00 at Currys with next day delivery at a small charge.

Apple Pencil

If you know somebody who has an iPad pro, or even yourself, this is a perfect present for Christmas! The Apple Pencil is only compatible with the iPad Pro. Those with an artistic flair, or even those without – the Apple Pencil is a stylus that holds a variety of tools in one. With the familiar feel of an ordinary pencil, it is very easy to learn how to use and to feel comfortable doing so. Some of the tools that the Apple Pencil has are; the ability to have lines of any weight from applying pressure, shading at the tilt of a hand and much more. It has an incredible response speed due to the iPad Pro subsystem scanning its signal at an impeccable 240 times per second. With up to 12 hours of battery life you have plenty of time to explore your creative side. Also, if the battery runs out whilst you’re out, the Apple pencil has a charger included where 15 seconds of charging gives 30 minutes of life.  With same day delivery at Argos this Apple Pencil is £79.99.

We have now shown you our top pick of gadgets for late Christmas presents, so good luck shopping and Merry Christmas!


Tablet Computers

The Best Tablets for use in School

Tablets are becoming considerably more popular throughout schools. This is because students have been accustomed to the touch-screen smartphones for years. This is something that is familiar to them, they feel comfortable with and can use well. Tablets are a good way to capture the student’s attention, and keep them engaged whilst learning, due to interactive activities.

We have taken a look into some of the best tablets for use within a classroom.


There are quite a few Windows tablets to choose from. Windows tablets are not as widely known as the iPad or Android. Microsoft tablets are perfect for work use due to the ability of using Office. Apps for Windows tablets come from the Windows App Store, which supplies the most well-known apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Sky News etc. The last advantage of a Windows Tablet is the fact that you can now use Windows 10 in it, which is Microsoft’s new OS. Windows tablets come with pre-installed apps with Windows 10, these include; OneNote, Mail, Games and more.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft have completely revolutionised the tablet. They have made a tablet that can actually replace your laptop. This includes a 12.4 inch PixelSense screen, which gives a real-life picture quality. The weight is 757g which enables it to be extremely portable and you can therefore work on the go. You can work up to 9 hours uninterrupted due to the long lasting battery power.

The Surface comes loaded with the latest Pro Intel Core processors which make it more powerful than the previous Surface Tablet. You have options of either; m3, i5, or i7 processor depending on your budget. In addition, it is now a lot cooler and quieter when it runs.

This tablet runs Windows 10 and Office perfectly, meaning you can operate your desktop right from your tablet. Lastly, you’re spoilt with pre-installed apps on your tablet, legacy (i.e. traditional) Windows apps and those available from the Windows Store providing an almost limitless amount of apps to be able to use for all of your teaching needs.

This is priced at approximately £749.

Dell Venue 11 Pro 7000 Series Tablet

The Dell Venue is an atom-powered windows tablet. It has been called ‘The Ultimate Business Partner’. It is a laptop is disguise. It has an 11 inch full HD Display, weighs up at 712.14 g and has 10 hours of battery life. You can wirelessly stream HD videos and photos from your tablet to a larger screen. The Dell Venue 11 Pro 7000 series is now powered by Intel’s Core M processors. You have the ability to attach a keyboard to the Dell Venue 11 Pro, this therefore enables you to be able to turn your tablet into a laptop.

This tablet is priced at approximately £463.


iPad’s are probably the most popular form of tablet. When people talk about a ‘tablet’ they generally think of the iPad.

The iPad is loved by both the students and the teachers. It delivers so much opportunity for a memorable learning experience. With an app store that holds over 500,000 Educational Apps, there is something for every lesson taught, all delivering at different levels to cater to the student’s needs. Take a look at our previous blogs: a complete list of Educational iPad Apps, and our favourite educational iPad apps.

The most popular type of iPad for use within in a school is a close contest between the iPad mini and the iPad Air.

iPad Air 2

The iPad Air 2 was released in mid-October 2014. The original iPad Air was 7.5mm in thickness, and now the new edition is even slimmer at 6.3mm with a weight of 469 g and a screen of 9.7in. The iPad Air 2 now has an A8X processor which is still 64-bit and has a new M8 co-processor. The newest feature is the Touch ID button, just like an iPhone. With 10 hours of battery life, this iPad will not need to be charged regularly.

The price of the iPad air 2 is approximately £399.

iPad mini 2/ iPad mini 4

The iPad mini 2 is the most common iPad mini, although there has been a 3 and 4 since then. The iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 are almost identical. The only enhancement in the 3 is the use of Touch ID.

The iPad mini 2 has a 7.9in retina display screen with a weight of 331g. With 10 hours of battery life and an A7 chip with 64-bit architecture. The benefit of the iPad mini 2, is the price. Starting from £219, it is one of the cheapest, yet still delivers just as well as the mini 3.

The iPad mini 4 took quite a change. It is considerably lighter at a weight of 299g with the same sized screen. It has an upgraded A8 processor, colour-rich retina display, better cameras and it supports split-screen apps. The use of the Touch ID and the full laminated display has the upper hand upon the mini 2.

This iPad mini 4 is priced at approximately £319.


There are more Android tablets around now, due to Google’s Android OS making it inviting for many manufacturers to make an Android tablet. Android tablets have really been enhanced and improved. Android is popular due to its price and you have over 1.3 million apps in the Google play App store. Google’s Android has ‘Google’ voice integrated in, so you can speak to your tablet, and receive help.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has an 8 inch screen, is only 5.6mm thick and weighs 265g. Just like the iPad, it has a Touch ID. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 you have to capability to insert a microSD card slot on the frame and this can boost the 32GB to 64GB.

As a bonus with this tablet, you get “Microsoft Office and 100GB of OneDrive free for two years.”

The price for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is approximately £319.

Google Nexus 9

The Google Nexus 9 is an Android tablet designed by HTC. It has an 8.9in screen, weighs 425g and is protected with gorilla glass. There are front-facing “BoomSound” speakers which enables the music and audio to be richer. Due to the 64-bit processor, it is easy to watch videos, check email and tweak documents.

The Nexus 9 has Android 5.0 Lollipop, which is a version of Android OS developed by Google. The Benefit of Android Lollipop is that a refreshed notification system has been introduced, and battery consumption has been improved.

The price for this is approximately £189.99.

Wireless System

Something to think about before ordering 30 tablets to be used in a single classroom would be your current Wireless System. When was it installed? What is the speed like when browsing the internet or streaming a YouTube video? If you think the speed is slow when you’re the only one using the wireless, how do think your 30 pupils all trying to access online content at the same time are going to find it? Chances are, if your wireless system was installed more than 3 years ago, it’s going to struggle with the demands of a modern day classroom.

Luckily, this is where Coretek can come in to save the day. We can carry out a survey of your current wireless system, which will provide an in depth report evaluating your system as it stands and showcase our recommendations for a new Dell SonicWALL system.

The approximate price of a Dell SonicWALL 802.11AC Wireless System with 10 Access Points is £6000.

So these are a few of our chosen tablets that we feel are best for use within Education. They all supply a wide range of apps that will cater for any lesson, but each tablet is completely different to the next. There are the Windows tablets that are great for the use of attaching a keyboard to the screen, therefore transforming it into a laptop alternative. Apple tablets have the most extensive app store, having something for your every single need, and they are very lightweight. Then lastly, the Android tablets are very reasonably priced and there are a whole variety of Android tablets.

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