Apple’s iOS update for Education

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The newest Apple iOS update is deemed to be significant within Education. There is specifically new features for classroom use. Teachers are now able to create profiles for all of their pupils, and these profiles are accessible from every iPad. The login process has been simplified for those of a younger age. When a pupil logs into […]

iPad app store

A complete list of iPad apps for education

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In relation to our previous article – The Best iPad apps for Education, we have taken a deeper look into a whole range of educational apps for the iPad. Below is a list of our favourites! Art/Design 2DIY – Create your own interactive resources, activities, games etc. Plenty of opportunity for children to plan, design […]

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The Best iPad apps for Education

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Keeping children entertained in class, whilst educating them, can be a challenge. That’s where the iPad comes into action. Due to its portable format, children can use it at school and at home, and its interactive technology engages children with a memorable experience. With over 200,000 educational apps available in the app store for the […]