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Get 1 month of SecureSuite Email completely FREE this week!

In conjunction with Black Friday and the launch of our new SecureSuite service, we have a fantastic offer for you.

Anyone who signs up to SecureSuite Email in the next week will receive one month completely free of charge.

If you missed our launch post, SecureSuite Email is our new service that includes: Email Filtering, Email Archiving and Email Business Continuity. These are the three vital services that work together to your organisation’s email safe.

Here is a summary of what each service provides:

Email Filtering – protection against viruses, malware, spam and email spoofing/phishing attacks
Email Archiving – backup of your emails and archiving of historical email
Email Business Continuity – continue working even if your email server goes down

Make sure your business, school or charity is protected against the devastating consequences that follow a serious virus attack like Cryptolocker or a phishing attack that could result in serious financial loss.

SecureSuite email starts at only a few pounds per user per month so if you are interested in safeguarding your email, get in touch today and claim your offer. The offer begins now and will end at 5pm on Cyber Monday the 27th.

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The Best Tech Black Friday Deals So Far…

As you probably already know, it is Black Friday this Friday! Black Friday was originally a tradition in America, but now UK retailers are getting heavily involved. On Black Friday, shops drop their prices on many of their products. It is known that the name of ‘Black’ Friday came along because this date was supposedly a date when retailers were going ‘into the black’. ‘Going into the black’ means to make a profit. These profits were shown in the retailer’s financial records. In the records, where red ink has been used it meant there were losses, black ink meant a profit. Black Friday initiated the first day of the holiday season where there was only profit.

This year Black Friday takes place on Friday the 24th of November! However, you will already be seeing deals appearing as of today in some retailers. We decided to take a look at the best upcoming tech deals which you can get this week and on Friday.

Microsoft Surface Pro with Black Typecover – 128 GB


The Microsoft Surface Pros have become very popular and now Currys are doing a great deal on one that you won’t want to miss. Get a 128 GB Microsoft Pro with a Black Typecover included for only £849 compared to the usual £1099.99 that it would be. That saves you a massive £250.99, so head over to Currys to buy yours now.

The brand new Amazon Echo (2nd generation)


You may have seen recently that Amazon brought out a new range of products including the all-new Amazon Echo. Well, Amazon has decided to get involved with the Black Friday deals and have brought the Price of the Amazon Echo down from £89.99 to £69.99 making it that little bit more affordable, and a perfect Christmas present. You can buy the new Amazon Echo from the Amazon website.

Google Home


The Google Home is very similar to the Amazon Echo but uses the Google Assistant rather than Alexa. Currys have decided to reduce the Google Home down to £78 from £129. This saves you a massive £51, which really should not be missed. It has been predicted that these are going to sell very quickly so get in there fast. You can get the Google Home from the Currys website.

Sony Playstation Pro


Amazon has revealed that they are selling the Sony PlayStation Pro with FIFA 18 + Call of Duty: WW11 (PS4) for only £299.99. That’s a massive £50 discount off of the of the price that it is originally being sold at, plus you have the games included. The PS4 Pro is the upgrade of the PS4 and has twice the amount of power as its predecessor. You can buy this off of Amazons website.




Udemy is an online course marketplace. A little different from the above products, here you can buy online courses to help with your learning development. Udemy has a Black Friday deal on with over 55,000 online courses at £10 or less. They host many different types of courses ranging from foreign languages to music and IT. Take a look at Udemy’s website to see if there is anything that takes your fancy and get it quick whilst the Black Friday sale is on.

Many more retailers such as Tescos, Argos, John Lewis and Game have an array of deals on already and more to come this Friday. Good luck with your Black Friday shopping and remember to keep safe on the busiest shopping day of the year. We have put together some tips on how to keep safe whilst shopping online and in-store on Black Friday.

Black Friday

Where you can find the top Black Friday deals this year!

So, you may or may not be aware that this Friday is Black Friday! Black Friday was originally a tradition in America, but now UK retailers are getting heavily involved. On Black Friday, shops drop their prices on many of their products. In America, this day takes place a day after Thanksgiving. It is known that the name of ‘Black’ Friday came along because this date was supposedly a date when retailers were going ‘into the black’. ‘Going into the black’ means to make a profit. These profits were shown in the retailers financial records. In the records, where red ink has been used it meant there were losses, black ink meant a profit. Black Friday initiated the first day of the holiday season where there was only profit.

Black Friday takes place on November the 25th this year! However, the deals have no longer been restricted to just the one day, some retailers begin them as long as a week in advance. Also, following on from Black Friday, there is Cyber Monday which is full of tech deals. We are going to take a look at where you can find the best deals this year.



Amazon are probably the biggest retailer within Black Friday. Last year they sold more than 7.4 million products on just Black Friday. This year, Amazon has started their deals 12 days earlier! The deals launched on the 14th of November. These will include the likes of HD TVs, phones, home accessories, fashion, toys and beauty products – so there is something for everyone! They even have something called ‘lightning deals’ these are offers on top of deals and are available as often as every 5 minutes. If you are an Amazon Prime member you will get early access to all of the deals too! If you are not, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial, which after will cost you $79 per year. Amazon will have some of the best deals so make sure to keep an eye out on their website!



Last year, Tesco’s knocked 70% off their electrical items! This year they are back for even more – by opening their shops as early as 5am for shoppers on Friday! They have also begun their deals yesterday, Monday 21st and they will carry these deals on until the 1st of December. If you visit the Tesco Direct website, this is where you will find all the deals opposed to the general Tesco site. Expect to see large discount on electrical appliances, gaming, kids toys and much, much more.



Argos are another retailer who are beginning their sales early. The deals will run for 13 consecutive days in the run up to Black Friday and will follow on through to Cyber Monday. You will find toys, electrical items, home appliances and more. However, comparing the electrical product prices to Amazon, Amazon still come out on top. However the toy sale is massive so get yourself to Argos if you have some little ones to shop for! Argos are telling customers that there will be no larger discounts on Black Friday than there is on their other days of deals and if a customer finds something which seems to of been discounted, then they will refund them the money back.



Currys begun their deals late last week in order to keep up with the competition of all the other retailers. They will have even larger reductions on Black Friday itself. Currys have called this the ‘Black Tag Event’. You can find money off speakers, laptops, TVs, wearable tech and more. But this year it seems that Currys are putting their largest reductions on their TVs, so visit their website to see what bargains you can grab yourself this year.

John Lewis


John Lewis cut prices on so many items last year which included iPads, MacBook products, household items and more. Due to John Lewis’ commitment to being ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’ this means that they will match any price on a product that another store may be selling it at. The benefit of purchasing through John Lewis is their great warranties. So this year, expect to see designer handbags, household electrical items, furniture and toys. If you sign up to a Partnership card too, you can receive double points on items at certain times of the year.

Black Friday is not just subject to these retailers, many highstreet stores will be joining in on Friday to deliver you some great deals. Throughout all these retailers, you will find deals online for those who do not want to fight the masses in store. So if you decide to get involved on black Friday, make sure you keep safe online and in-store – take a look at our top tips for Black Friday to find out how you can do that!

Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Our Top 10 Security Tips

Black Friday is originally an American tradition that takes place on the day after Thanksgiving. It was introduced into the UK through ASDA and Amazon. Many other retailers have since rapidly jumped on board with the major sales. Black Friday is referred to as “One of the most important shopping days of the year”.

Retailers traditionally operated at a financial loss for the majority of the year, whilst the holiday season was when they gained their profit. This began the day after Thanksgiving. These profits would be recorded in the financial records. Where the accountants used red ink meant a loss of money, but on this day the red ink would then change to black ink to show profit. Therefore, hence the name ‘Black Friday’, and this day is the day that retailers would no longer have losses for the duration of the holiday season.

The Black Friday deals have not been restricted to just one day, you had Orange Thursday yesterday and deals can still be found up until Cyber Monday (Monday 30th November).

You can find deals throughout all high-street stores and all over the internet, but be careful as everyone wants the same deals as you do. It is known that with the deals that Black Friday brings, comes violence and crime. So we have provided you with our top ten tips on how to keep safe on Black Friday.

Shopping online:

  1. When shopping online, ensure the web pages begin with https not http, as the ‘s’ indicates the page is secure. Also, look for the icon of a lock that usually sits at the bottom of the browser or https URL address.
  2. When purchasing items, make sure that you use payment verifications systems such as ‘Verified by Visa’.
  3. Beware of any scam links that could be in your emails.
  4. Ensure that you have the latest version of your Web Browser. This is because the updates include security patches and improvements that can correct anything in the browser that could be subject to vulnerability.
  5. Use a credit card rather than a debit card, as your debit card links directly with your bank account. A credit card is money borrowed temporarily from your bank and purchases made using the credit card are subject to laws that protect the buyer.

Shopping in-store:

  1. Keep all your shopping in the boot of your car, this way you do not attract any unwanted attention to your car.
  2. Keep your personal belongings on you at all times, to avoid any pickpocketing.
  3. Do not carry too much, as you probably won’t realise if you drop something. If your hands are completely full, you also will not be able to defend yourself against any threats.
  4. Go shopping with a friend or family member for extra back-up.
  5. Ensure to shield your pin, anywhere and everywhere you are using it.

But don’t let these drawbacks stop you from shopping! Take into account our safety tips and enjoy all the deals that Black Friday has to offer.

Whilst you are browsing through all the Black Friday offers, why don’t you look for something new for your business? Coretek, as a Dell Preferred Partner, are pleased to announce the latest user PC available from Dell. Dell’s new OptiPlex 3040 is an essential business desktop with ‘best-in-class security and manageability in a new, space-saving design.’ You are going to get the essential performance for the lowest entry price for a commercial desktop. This OptiPlex is available in Mini Tower (MT), Small Form Factor (SFF) and Micro From Factor (MFF) and has a robust ecosystem which includes multiple mounting options for MFF.