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On the 10th Day of Christmas Coretek offered you… 1 month FREE SecureSuite Archive!

In conjunction with the 12 Days of Christmas and the launch of our new SecureArchive service, we have a fantastic offer for you.

Anyone who signs up to SecureArchive in the next week will receive one month completely free of charge.

SecureArchive is our new email archiving service backed by technology from industry leading Barracuda networks.

Email archiving is a highly beneficial service which can benefit every business.  Email archiving is when email is stored in a secondary location to ensure that emails are safely stored and are available over a long period of time. Think of it as a backup for your email.

Imagine if someone in your organisation accidentally deleted an important email. How would you get this back? If you had email archiving, you could simply search the archive and restore the email. Without an email archive, this email may be lost for good.

SecureArchive starts at only a few pounds per user per month so if you are interested in safeguarding your email, get in touch today and claim your offer. The offer begins now and will end at 5pm on Cyber Monday the 27th.

You can contact us by calling on 0800 304 7444 or by email at or by our social media pages – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Top 5 tech stocking fillers for under £20 this Christmas

Do you have a games fanatic son or a tech lover daughter and are finding yourself stuck on what to get them for their stocking this year? Well, we have chosen some of the best tech-related items which may be just perfect for a stocking!

Wi-Fi Smart Plug


As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection you can use this Smart Plug. Simply connect it to your Wi-Fi then plug it into your socket and use it for your general appliances. This smart plug connects to an app on your smartphone. Through this app you are able to turn your appliances on and off or even set a schedule. This really is a clever plug and just the right size for your stocking! You can get one of these from Amazon for only £16.99.

Mini Arcade Machine


For only £19 you can get a small portable games machine which comes preloaded with 240 games! Made to look like an old arcade machine, this is a perfect gift for a bit of nostalgia. The compact design makes it portable and it is great for children and adults. You can buy this from Amazon.

Touch Screen Gloves


Although this product is not essentially a form of gadget, it is definitely one for tech lovers. These gloves enable you to use touch screen phones and tablets with gloves on. So whilst it is very cold, these are ideal! You can buy these from Amazon for only £9.99.

Holoquad Holographic Projector

HoloquadThe Holoquad can turn any Smartphone into a holographic experience. You place it on your phone, turn down the lights and watch the holographic experience appear on your screen. See simple, yet amazing holographics. A perfect stocking filler present. You can buy this item from Amazon for £5.50.

USB Fridge


This portable USB fridge is great! Plug the USB into your laptop or a plug then a cold plate chills to 8.5 degrees after being plugged in for 5 minutes. Then put in a can of your favourite drink and enjoy a nice cool beverage on the go! You can buy this for £13.99 from IWOOT.

These are just a few tech stocking fillers that we found for under £20! Take a look at the likes of Amazon, IWOOT and John Lewis for more.


Our great Christmas Card Competition designed by year 1 pupils!

This Christmas we asked our schools to get involved with a really exciting competition! We wanted the year 1 Pupils at our schools to design us our 2017 Christmas Card!

The only requirement was that the card needed to be A5 and that was it! We received some excellent entries and wanted to show you them all.

Our winner comes from Awbridge Primary School with a lovely message in her design. Please see the design below –


Poppy from Awbridge School

We are now going to take a look at all of the school’s entries.

Awbridge Primary School

Copythorne Infants School

Netley Marsh Infants School

Romsey Primary School


We have had some really great entries and we are very pleased with them all! Thank you to our schools for taking part.


On the 4th day of Christmas Coretek offered you…

Buy 50 CSC’s and Receive a FREE Amazon Echo Dot!

A ‘CSC’ is a Coretek Service Credit, which is an hour of our engineering time. Contact us for more information.

To redeem, contact us with the code: 4thDayOfChristmas

Voucher codes are redeemable until the end of January. Purchase does not have to be made on point of redemption.

Please contact us via social media, call or email us today to redeem this prize – 08003047444 or



On the 1st Day of Christmas Coretek offered you…

On the 1st day of our 12 days of Christmas, we have an exciting offer for you!

Receive great discounts on your CSC’s!

Buy 12 CSC’s and receive 10% off!
Buy 30 CSC’s and receive 15% off!
Buy 50 CSC’s and receive 20% off!

A ‘CSC’ is a Coretek Service Credit, which is an hour of our engineering time. Contact us for more information.

To redeem, contact us with the code: 1DayOfChristmas

Voucher codes are redeemable until the end of January. Purchase does not have to be made on point of redemption.

Please contact us via social media, call or email us today to redeem this prize – 08003047444 or


5 top tech gifts between £50-£200

So, it is nearly Christmas and you’re looking for some last minute presents that are really going to wow your friends and family. We have taken a look at the best gadgets for under £200 that will make the very best presents this Christmas!

Fitbit Charge 2

You may already be aware that there are many fitness trackers out there. But Fitbit really comes in above the rest. The Fitbit Charge 2 has a multitude of features to track your fitness. Get continuous, wrist-based, heart rate which is done automatically. You get a personalised Cardio Fitness Score which will enable you to get a better understanding of your fitness level and you are able to see how you can improve over time. The amount of steps that you take within a day will be tracked alongside the distance that you took. You can see the calories that have been burnt, your active minutes, hourly activity, floor climbed and stationary time. Another feature of the Fitbit Charge 2 is that your sleeping is also tracked. You are able to see how well you’re sleeping and how long for. With up to 5 days of battery life, you can go all day and night without charge. The different sports that you do are recognised and tracked in relation to the sport. There is so much more that the Fitbit Charge 2 can provide and at a price of only £119, it is so worth it!

GoPro HERO Session

Do you know someone that would love a GoPro? Well this Christmas you can treat them to one! The GoPro HERO Session is the lightest and smallest ever GoPro. You can capture 8MP single photos, 10fps burst photos and 0.5 to 60 seconds time-lapse photos. The HERO Session has a high resolution of 1440 pixels per inch and it delivers professional, sharp video. With WiFi and Bluetooth, you can easily stay connected with the GoPro apps. With the press of one button you can turn the GoPro on and start automatically filming. Without a housing, the HERO Session is waterproof up to 10m. Amazon have an amazing exclusive offer on just in time for the holiday season too! For £147.97 you can get the GoPro HERO Session camera, The Handlers (Floating Hand Grip), 16GB microSD Card, a standard frame, a mounting buckle, curved and flat adhesive mounts and the USB cable. What a great deal!

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

This is the perfect gift for anybody who loves to take photos and print them out. The Polaroid ZIP is a mobile printer which means it can be taken anywhere with you! You can connect your mobile or tablet up via Bluetooth with ease and print away! There is an app that comes with this purchase, you are able to edit photos you take by adding filters and additional items to the image. You can print in less than 60 seconds! Your printed images will be 2×3″ in size with full colour and is completely smudge-proof due to the ZINK technology! ZINK technology is zero ink. It is also fade-resistant even when exposed to light, heat and humidity. As well as all this, it is also waterproof and tearproof. The images have an adhesive backing so the can double up as stickers. You can buy them now from £104.99 on Amazon. You will also need to purchase the 2×3″ ZINK technology paper which is priced around £25.

Extreme Fliers Micro Drone 3.0

This is a great drone for beginners through to experts. The Extreme Fliers Micro Drone is a palm sized drone that is easily manoeuvrable. This drone can be flown indoors and outdoors and can be controlled via the smartphone app for iOS or Android or by the included controller. Precision control with three speeds, flexibility and durability means that the Micro Drone 3.0 can be flown anywhere up to 45mph! The really cool thing about this drone is that you’re able to see exactly what the drone is doing in first person. The First Person View (FPV) lets you turn your smartphone into VR goggles. You are able to experience being with the drone in an immersive flying experience. This can be recorded directly onto a microSD card which means you can playback, edit and share your footage. This mini drone is priced at £149.


Notion is a home monitoring system that looks after your home for you, so you don’t have too. You can monitor your home with a single sensor, wherever you are. Sensors can be placed in any location that you wish with ease. A simple peel, stick and pair process is all you need. You can then be notified when doors are opened, the temperature in a room drops too low or rises too high, if there is a water leak and if a smoke alarm goes off. You basically have a leak detector, burglar alarm and thermostat all in one. But what you can do with Notion is limitless. You will get notifications direct to your phone via an app, that can be tailored to your needs. Too many notifications can become annoying, which is why Notion have enabled you to choose the custom alerts that fit your needs. So if you know somebody that would want keep their home safe, especially when they’re away – then this is the right present for them! Prices start at £179 and rise with more sensors added.

Coretek's 12 Days of Christmas

Look out for Coretek’s 12 Days of Christmas!

Starting on the 1st of December, here at Coretek we will be running our version of the 12 days of Christmas!

Expect to see offers, competitions, discounts, free tips and much more!

All you have to do is make sure you follow our new posts every day. We will be starting on the 1st of December and will run through until the 16th of December. We will not be operating on the weekends.

You can keep updated on what each day will offer you by following us on our social media channels or by signing up to our newsletter and receiving daily updates!

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You do not want to miss out on these amazing deals!

Star Wars BB8 Droid

Some of the very best gadgets for those tech lovers this Christmas!

Still need to get a few last minute presents before the big day? Stuck on what to get? Well, we have taken a look at some of the very best gadgets throughout 2015! So we have chosen a select few that would be perfect for those tech lovers this Christmas!

Star Wars BB8 Droid

With the new Star Wars film just out, along comes a present that is possibly the best for those Tech and Star Wars lovers.  This very cute droid is completely controllable via a smartphone or tablet from up to 30 metres away. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Windows and any Android 4.4.2+ devices. As well as controlling it through your smartphone, you are also able to control it through voice commands. You get a whole 60 minutes of battery life after charging it for only 3 hours. The BB8 has an adaptive personality that gives it an unique attitude – evolving as you interact. Lastly, it is able to create and view holographic recordings with this ability programmed into its circuitry. The Star Wars BB8 Droid is an extremely popular gadget at the moment at only £129.99 which is still available to buy with FREE next day delivery from IWOOT.

Anker Powercore+ 20100 USB-C

There have been many portable chargers come and go throughout 2015. But one brand that has stuck and shone above the others is, Anker. The Anker Powercore+ 20100 USB-C is a ‘Ultra high capacity power bank’. PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies combine to make and provide the fastest possible charge of up to ‘2.4amps per port’. With 3 ports, you are able to simultaneously charge 3 devices at full speed. The Powercore+ is able to charge a MacBook up full once, or an Ipad up a whole time and then another 48%. As for a smartphone, you are able to get 4 plus charges out of it.  The power bank itself, takes up to 8.3 hours to fully recharge with the provided USB cable. A the price of only £34.99 with the ability to choose next day delivery at Amazon.

Sonos Play: 1

Sonos Play:1 has a lot of sound for its smaller size. As the lower priced speaker of the Sonos Play selection, it definitely does not compromise with its big sound. The Sonos Play:1 is powered by your power sockets and WiFi, enabling you to connect your phone to the speaker. You are able to control all of your music and the streaming services through the app on your smartphone/tablet/computer.  With the use of WiFi accessibility, up to 32 people can add music to your playlist, which is great for your Christmas and New Years Eve parties! Trueplay tuning which delivers sound that is ‘true to the music and right for the room’. A ‘deep, crystal clear sound’ is the result of two dedicated digital amplifiers. Add a second speaker for a complete surround sound experience. You can get just one Sonos Play:1 from John Lewis for only £169.00, or with the special offer you can save £27.00 and get two speakers for £299.00 from John Lewis. With next day click and collect to any local John Lewis or Waitrose from 2pm, you can have it in time for Christmas!

Samsung Gear S2 Classic Smartwatch

Smartwatches are becoming considerably more and more popular. The Samsung Gear S2 Classic Smartwatch looks just like any other watch. However it comes with a multitude of features. You have the complete phone functionality through connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth and WiFi. This enables you to receive notifications for calls, texts, email, etc. With a Corning Gorilla Glass watch face and a dust and water resistant finish, the Gear S2 is ready for every day life. Other features include battery life of up to 3 hours and a customisable watch face. You also have the opportunity to purchase multiple bands so it suits the user every day. The ‘rotary Bezel enables ease of navigation to access features, read long text, zoom in on maps, skip music etc.’ Included in this smartwatch is health monitoring. This monitors heart rate, calories burnt, steps taken and water versus caffeine intake. The price of this smartwatch is £299.00 at Currys with next day delivery at a small charge.

Apple Pencil

If you know somebody who has an iPad pro, or even yourself, this is a perfect present for Christmas! The Apple Pencil is only compatible with the iPad Pro. Those with an artistic flair, or even those without – the Apple Pencil is a stylus that holds a variety of tools in one. With the familiar feel of an ordinary pencil, it is very easy to learn how to use and to feel comfortable doing so. Some of the tools that the Apple Pencil has are; the ability to have lines of any weight from applying pressure, shading at the tilt of a hand and much more. It has an incredible response speed due to the iPad Pro subsystem scanning its signal at an impeccable 240 times per second. With up to 12 hours of battery life you have plenty of time to explore your creative side. Also, if the battery runs out whilst you’re out, the Apple pencil has a charger included where 15 seconds of charging gives 30 minutes of life.  With same day delivery at Argos this Apple Pencil is £79.99.

We have now shown you our top pick of gadgets for late Christmas presents, so good luck shopping and Merry Christmas!



Coretek’s Christmas Lunch!

Yesterday afternoon Coretek visited The Hatchett Inn for our Christmas Lunch!

Dashing for Santa!

Coretek took part in the Santa Dash (Lymington) on the 6th of December 2015!

The Santa Dash is a fundraising event for the Oakhaven Hospice Trust. It involves a ‘3km run, walk, jump or stroll’….dressed as Santa! This event took place throughout Lymington High Street and Town Centre but started at Lymington Community Centre at 11:30am. Each contender paid a contribution of £12.50 towards the hospice.

The Oakhaven Hospice provide specialist care to patients, carers and families who are facing complex physical, emotional and practical difficulties arising from advanced progressive life-limiting illnesses. The Hospice supports these patients through partnership, collaboration, advice and education.

The Oakhaven Hospice begun in the late 1980’s and was opened as a community based service in 1992 by the Duchess of Kent. Since then their free of charge services have grown to care for over 250,000 residents in the New Forest and Waterside area.

This is the third year running that Coretek have take part in the event and each year have seen it grow from 850 ‘Santas’ to an astonishing 1400 ‘Santas’ this year! We hope to take part again next year.