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This month's Cooltek

3D Scanners, Paper-thin TV’s and Bass filled Headphones in this months Top Gadgets!

Our pick of this month’s best gadgets includes the latest from CES 2017, language education apps and headphones. Our team has taken a look at what new developments have taken their fancy throughout this past month, read on to find out more!

HP Sprout Pro G2, PC with Integrated 3D Scanner

HP recently debuted the Sprout Pro G2 at CES 2017. It houses a 2D and a 3D scanner, as well as this there are cameras, a projector and a touch mat with a stylus. The touch mat and stylus is used to work on the objects in real time once they have been scanned. With a dual multi-touch display, a unique 20-point Touch Mat and hi-res cameras, you can have a highly visual and hands-on experience. The Sprout G2 was designed to be fuss-free.

In comparison to the older model there is now a higher resolution projection, more powerful processing, advanced 3D scanning and more accurate pen drawing. It should also feel faster, more precise and more realistic than before. It has a 23.8″ display which is larger than the 23″ model beforehand. The prices have not yet been released, however the model last year was around $2,199. So guesses are it won’t be too far off of this price. Take a look at the live example below!


The LG OLED W7 was also showcased at CES 2017. It is a television so thin that it has been called a  picture on the wall. At only 2.57mm thick, it is one of the thinnest of its kind. This television is available in 77in and 65in. With a new wall-mounting system means that the television can be mounted with ultra-slim magnetic brackets. This really is a stunning screen with active HDR and 4K resolution. IT also has cinematic colour on perfect black which means the colours pop and images come alive. The LG OLED pixels are what makes this possible. With Dolby Atmos audio gives it a cinema-quality experience.


DuoLingo is an app that helps you learn a new language. You can download this onto android, windows and apple devices enabling you to learn anytime, anywhere. Each lesson in DuoLingo includes a variety of listening, speaking, translation and multiple choice challenges. You then have in-lesson grading which shows you what you got correct and then it will quickly show you how to improve. You can get a streak count by DuoLingo recording how many days in a row you stay on track with learning a language. DuoLingo is now also available for schools. Thousands of teachers are already using it to enhance their lessons. The classroom addition has a general dashboard for teachers to see their student progress.

Betron B-25 Noise Isolating Headphones

One of our team love these headphones this month! At such a great price, you get the quality of something you would expect to cost a whole lot more. Get deep bass and crystal clear acoustics from the 9mm High Definition speaker driver. Having been optimised for multiple players you can use these headphones with iPhones, iPads, iPods, MP3 and portable media players. They come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. Priced at only £10.95 they are a bargain!

girl in school uniform on tablet

The very best Windows Apps for Education!

We have previously looked at the best apps for on an iPad, now let’s look at the very best Windows apps!

Duolingo – Learn a multitude of languages through Duolingo. Bite-sized lessons which award you for answering correctly and will take away lives for answering incorrectly, along with daily goals. Some of the languages include French, Spanish, Italian, English and many more. Duolingo has been named ‘PC Magazine’s Editor’s choice for Language Learning’. – FREE


Free Books – This app consists of many, many books. The app is free to download with 4,727 books. Books includes favourites such as Alice in Wonderland, Shakespeare and many more classics. – FREE

free books

Fresh Paint – Easily turn your photos into amazing paintings. You are able to mix colours, work with different textures and mediums such as watercolours, oils and more. Import your images and create your own masterpieces. This app is particularly good on the Surface Pro. Receive one pack for free, then add additional packs for an extra cost. – FREE

fresh paint

LearnEnglish Grammar – Improve your English grammar through activities that ‘help you learn and understand the core elements of English’. Choose from four levels to enhance your abilities. There are over 1000 questions per level. You get 3 sample packs to begin with, then you purchase the following packs.


Lets Spell – Practice your spelling! The words range from 3 to 6 letters in length and you have 5 difficulty levels to choose from. When a word is spelt correctly, you are rewarded with 3 free coins which are used to purchase gifts at the ‘prize room’. – FREE

lets spell

Math Tutor Pro – This is an app that explores basic math operations. It is designed to help students enhance their fluency in Maths through simple yet effective questions. They will be tested on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, shapes and much more. There are different levels which the students will progress towards. –FREE

math tutor

Shared Whiteboard – Project your whiteboard to computers anywhere. Join the shared whiteboard session through a QR Code. This app is great for sharing the lesson with the class. It also automatically saves all of your work for you. A great collaborative tool for in the classroom. – FREE

shared whitebaord

3D Brain – This 3D brain can be rotated to see all angles and parts. It consists of 24 interactive structures and each structure contains information on ‘associated functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies’ and more. – FREE

3d brain

Why not take a look at the best Windows tablets to use these apps on!