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What can Sway do for me?

During our ‘office 365 in education’ event with Microsoft last week – we were shown some pretty cool things that you can do with PowerPoint. However, another application that we were briefly shown is Sway. We wanted to look more at Sway and what Sway can do for you.

Sway is an online app that enables you to create presentations, reports, personal stories and newsletters. You are able to operate sway from your portable devices and your web browser on your desktop, meaning that as soon as you have an idea you can revolutionise it into a creation in seconds. Sway is both quick and easy.

Sway differentiates from PowerPoint due to the addition of multiple features. Sway has no cells, borders, page breaks or slides, the canvas adapts to fit the chosen devises screen.

Sway is very interactive as you are able to select photos from your OneDrive or Facebook and turn them into interactive photo albums for viewers to sift through.

Sway takes care of the design part, you are the thinker. This means that everything you add, is already being formatted for you. Just drag and drop content/images and watch sway react. If you do not like the chosen design you can select the ‘remix’ button to see another. Or, it is still customisable if you have a particular design in mind.

Sway enables you do to pull sources in from across the web without even leaving the application! Pull in videos from YouTube, images from your camera roll, OneDrive cloud storage plus much more. Sway will even suggest searches to help you find relevant content, videos tweets etc.

Sharing Sway is easier than ever. You do not have to have the app to open up the creation, or be signed up. You can just click on the produced link to open it up in a web browser. This is perfect for sharing with those who may have different software packages to yourself.

Sway is so diverse, it can be used in school, at University or at work. So why don’t you give it a go today? Check it out here.

To get a feel of what you can create within Sway, take a look at this fantastic presentation here!

To recap some of the top features in Sway, take a look at the following video –



Apple’s iOS update for Education

The newest Apple iOS update is deemed to be significant within Education. There is specifically new features for classroom use. Teachers are now able to create profiles for all of their pupils, and these profiles are accessible from every iPad.

The login process has been simplified for those of a younger age. When a pupil logs into the iPad, they simply just need to click on an image of themselves. Then when they return back to their account, they can pick up where they left off.

Another feature that the new update holds, is for staff to have the ability to be able to look at an overview of what apps the students are using. Additionally, teachers are able to load up apps, books or the web to appear on every iPad throughout the class. They also are now able to lock specific apps to ensure that the students do not come out of that app.

Also, teachers will now be able to project the students work onto the interactive whiteboard for the class to see. Learn how to do this here.

‘Apple School Manager, a web-based feature, is designed to give admins a central location for creating Apple IDs, building courses, and managing accounts for students, teachers, and admins. It allows administrators to make volume purchases of books and apps and distribute the content quickly.’

You will even be able to reset the students password right form the classroom.

Apple has been working for a while now on the improvements of Education within the iPad. The update of iOS 9.3 is now available for developers. It is bound to be a success! If you would like to know more about apps to enhance your students learning experience check out our blog.

iPad app store

A complete list of iPad apps for education

In relation to our previous article – The Best iPad apps for Education, we have taken a deeper look into a whole range of educational apps for the iPad. Below is a list of our favourites!


  • 2DIY – Create your own interactive resources, activities, games etc. Plenty of opportunity for children to plan, design and create.- FREE
  • Doodle Buddy – Create your own pictures, or doddle over photographs, explore a variety of colour and styles. Then send to your friends when you’re done. – FREE
  • Drawing Pad – Primarily an art app – with a wide range of art tools and additional features to download. – £1.49
  • Dynamic Art – Graphical programming environment when you can create animations, music, artwork and interactions. – £2.29
  • I can animate – Create exciting animation movies with stop-frame images. Once created you can share your movies to YouTube, Facebook and Dropbox. – £2.29
  • Pinterest – Pinterest is an app that allows you to discover new ideas and images and save these into titled boards. You can also add your own images too. – FREE
  • Photoshop Express – An easy and fast way to edit photos. You can create and save your images to then share them wherever you would like. – FREE
  • PuppetPals2 – This app lets you create amazing animated cartoons. You can create short instructional videos with storytelling and more. – FREE
  • Safari Tales, literacy skills through creative play – With a multitude of games with stickers to be collected. Many animals go on an adventure and your child can take it with them whilst learning in the process. – £2.99
  • Vittle Free – Combine your voice, photos and your handwriting into your own videos. These they can be instantly shared with everyone. – FREE
  • Vittle – Create your own videos, annotate the images, import PDF’s and use sophisticated storytelling techniques with Camera Lock tool. – £7.99


  • abc PocketPhonics: Letter sounds & writing – used in over 300 UK primary school, it teaches kids letter sounds, first words and handwriting. – £4.99
  • Book Creator for iPad – Make your own ebooks and share it to the iBooks Store! – £3.99
  • Comic Life – Create your own comics and customise it to your needs. Create enticing storylines with a visual journey. – £3.99
  • iThoughts – Mind mapping tool for the iPad. You can use this for brainstorming, collecting notes and more. – £8.99
  • My Story Book Creator – Create books that will record your voice and promote literacy and creative-thinking. You can then share your creation to iBooks. – £2.99
  • Note Taker HD – You can make as many notes as you would like and this app will shrink your writing for you so you can fit more on the page. – £3.99
  • Toontastic – Storytelling app that shares their own cartoons after they draw and animate them themselves. Easy to use and very engaging. – FREE


  • 2Build a profile – Log the children’s achievements against the curriculum targets. You can take photos for evidence and tag the children’s names. – FREE
  • ClassDojo – A classroom management platform for teachers and parents to access and view the progression of the child. – FREE
  • TinyTap – Make games, lessons, illustrates stories, music activities and more. Personalised education that is good for assessments and projects. – FREE


  • IXL Maths Practice – Maths content for years from reception to year 13. With over 2,900 skills to learn and plenty of colourful prizes to be won. – FREE
  • Microsoft ExcelCreate and edit spreadsheets with formulas, Sparkline’s, tables, charts, PivotTables and more. Pick up from where you left off because Excel for iPad knows what you were working on last. – FREE
  • Numbers – A spreadsheet app that allows you to add charts, images and text anywhere you would like. This app comes with iCloud built in. – £7.99
  • Sushi Monster – Engaging games through mathematical games which test your strategic knowledge. Earn points for each correct answer. – FREE


  • GarageBand – Turn your iPad into a collection of touch instruments. GarageBand also has the ability to record, so you can create music on the go. – £3.99

Office/Word Processors

  • Keynote – Presentation app that is complete with animated charts and transitions. With 30 inbuilt Apple themes to use, you can create beautiful presentation straight away! – £7.99
  • Microsoft Word – Word documents that work perfectly across iPad’s and iPhones. Insert in images, charts, tables, footnotes and more. Then track your changes and work simultaneously with others on the same document. – FREE
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – PowerPoint presentations look exactly the same as they would on a PC. Use a built in laser pointer to help present. – FREE
  • OneNote – Your own digital notebook. You can now record notes whilst on the go. – FREE
  • Pages – A word processor designed exclusively for the iPad. Create any documents you like onto any of the built in templates. – £7.99
  • Paper – Notes, Photo Annotation, and Sketches by FiftyThree – Capture your notes, sketches and photos. Paper is basically a wall of sticky notes. – FREE


  • Bee-Bot – Develop your programming skills through directional language and sequences. Earn stars through successful levels. – FREE
  • Blue-Bot – Step by step programming with the drag and drop ability. Kids can record themselves saying commands, and this is stored. – FREE
  • Daisy the Dinosaur – Basic computer programming using drag and drop, suitable for kids of all ages. – FREE
  • Hopscotch – Make your own games! Then publish them! With easy how-to videos, you can create any game you want. – FREE
  • LEGO Movie – Bring your LEGO characters to life with this movie maker app. With many tools that are easy to use, you can create a movie and then share it online. – FREE
  • Move the Turtle – Learn the beginning stages of programming. This app is designed for ages 5+, and children are rewarded with for succeeding in levels. – £2.99
  • Pyonkee – Create your own games, stories and animations. You can also import videos and voice recording into these. A real programming environment. – FREE
  • ScratchJr – Make characters move, sing and dance through programming designed for 5-7 year olds. Make interactive stories and games. – FREE
iPad with Apps

The Best iPad apps for Education

Keeping children entertained in class, whilst educating them, can be a challenge.

That’s where the iPad comes into action. Due to its portable format, children can use it at school and at home, and its interactive technology engages children with a memorable experience.

With over 200,000 educational apps available in the app store for the iPad, you are never short of choice. However, this can seem overwhelming. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to choose, what we deem to be the top 5 educational Free, and Paid apps.

  • ClassDojo – ClassDojo is a classroom management platform for teachers to interact with parents and pupils, on the children’s performance in class. The best feature is that Teachers can communicate with the parents. This can be done through sending a broadcasted message or a private message. As for the students, they can create their own account and edit their avatar, then reflect on their performance. They can do this at home or in school.This app not only works on the iPad, but on iPhones, iPod, Laptops etc. This has been rated a full 5/5 on Apple customer ratings.
  • Read Me Stories – Children’s books – Read Me Stories has a new book every day for the children who love to read. Your child can practise reading wherever they are, at any time. Well designed illustrations and captivating storylines entices the children. So children can learn whilst they have fun. This app has been rated at 4/5 on Apples customer ratings.
  • Sushi Monster – Sushi Monster is a game that is based around maths. Its main purpose is to extend the maths knowledge in children, by getting them to practise questions in order to reinforce it into their minds. For each correct answer, you earn points which can then be rewarded with stars, trophies etc. Each level progressively gets harder, with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions. This has been rated 4/5 on Apple Customer ratings.
  • IXL Maths Practise – IXL Maths Practise is an interactive mathematics app for years from reception to year 13. It consists of a wide variety of question types, which are then rewarded with virtual prizes such as medals and certificates. This app also gives parents feedback, so they know the level that their child is working at. This app is marked at a 3.5/5 on apple customer ratings.
  • BeeBotBeeBot is initially a floor robot. However this floor robot, is an award winning one. The benefit of this app for children is that it allows them to improve their programming skills and directional language skills, this is done through sequences of directions.This app consists of 12 levels, and the further you get, the harder it gets. Therefore enhancing the child’s skills, and there is a reward of stars at completion. This has been rated at 3.5/5 on Apple customer ratings.

Although free educational apps are good, there generally comes to a point within them where you cannot proceed further onto higher levels due to having to purchase them. So, is it really worth paying the money? We believe so, yes. The small amount to pay unlocks a multitude of levels, skills and more.

  • Book Creator for iPad – Book Creator for iPad enables children to create picture books, comic books, photobooks, journals etc. You can add photos and images from the iPad gallery, add music, video and your voice recordings. Along with these features, you also get a pen tool where you can annotate the book, and 50+ text fonts and colours. Once created, you can publish this into iBook store, or share it into iCloud, Google drive and Dropbox. This app has been rewarded the best educational app in the 2015 BETT Awards. It has been rated 4.5/5 on Apple customer ratings. At the price of only £3.99.
  • abc PocketPhonics: letter sounds & writing – This app enables the early years to learn their letters through interactive activities. The children are shown how to write the letters by the use of an arrow key, then they trace this with their finger. The sounds are then taught through the installed voice recordings. Teachers and parents are able to monitor the child’s progression online, as well as receiving weekly updated emails. It has been rated 4.5/5 on Apple customer ratings. The price is £4.99.
  • Quick Maths – Quick Maths is aimed at children 9-11 years old. This maths app will take your arithmetic skills to next level. With multiple stages and levels in the app, the difficulty increases throughout. This app provides feedback for teachers and parents. It allows the children to develop general arithmetic at their own level and speed. The game becomes addictive and therefore the new knowledge and skills is then embedded into the children’s mind. This has been rated a 4/5 on Apple customer ratings. The price is £2.49.
  • Move the Turtle, Programming for kids – Move the turtle is an app which allows children to learn the beginning stages of Programming, using intuitive graphic commands. This app is designed for children aged 5+, and rewards are given to the children for succeeding in levels. You can share the procedures via public links. This app allows the child to think independently. It has not yet been rated on Apple customer ratings, however we believe this a top app. So why not give it a go? For only £2.99.
  • Safari Tales, literacy skills through creative play – Safari Tales is an African adventure packed app. This app is seen through the eyes of five baby animals. There are plenty of games to play, all testing the children’s skills and knowledge. There are stickers to be collected and fossils to be found. A storybook can be filled with all of the adventures, and parents and family are able to view this. Parents are able to choose the length that the child uses this app for at one time, and are able to set a reading age. The child will develop their reading skills, learn to build sentences and create questions to ask the meerkat. This app has been rated 3.5/5 on Apple customer ratings. The price is £2.99.