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Take a look at our recently renovated Coretek offices!

In order to allow expansion for growth within our business, we decided to a have a complete renovation of our offices! This was done in time for the Coretek’s 18 birthday.

In addition to the increased floor space, we have included a number of other changes. These include: 5 new flat screen TV’s to monitor our client’s systems, new company signs, a brand new kitchen, an updated meeting room area with leather sofa’s and even a pool table! Everyone is welcome to come and see the changes, let us know in advance and we will make sure to have the coffee and cakes ready!

Above you can see the journey from start to end. We are very excited to be setting to work in our new office.

Coretek turns 18!

This month sees the 18th year that Coretek has been in business. On Saturday 11th February, Coretek turned 18!

This is great news for us as a company, having started life in an office above Garry’s garage as a side-line business!

We asked Garry, the CEO of Coretek, what he made of it being our 18th year in business! He commented that:

“most new IT companies don’t typically last more than a few years, and those who do last are usually bought out by bigger companies – so for Coretek to still be going strong as an independent IT company, over 18 years later, is a testament to the business and the people who work for it”.

He went on to say he was “thrilled the company is still going after all these years, and is looking forward to what the next chapter brings”.

We have been celebrating our 18th year in business and one way we did this was by completely renovating our office! Take a look at these photos of our new office in the making…

Keep an eye out on our page to find out what the finish looks like!


Make the most of Microsoft’s free quick tips video’s!

Are you a teacher using Windows 10 as your Operating System and you still haven’t quite got to grips with it? Or do you use Office 365 and need more of an insight on how to use it to its full extent? Well, Microsoft have created a set of videos showing teachers how they can full utilise their Windows 10 and Office 365.

Microsoft have included these videos onto their Microsoft Education website to show you how teachers are using these tools within their classroom. Take a look aty these 2-3 minute videos in order to get great tips and ticks that will engage your students, therefore enabling their productivity.



Office Lens: Transform your phone into a scanner!

Office Lens was released in April of last year. It is a fantastic app that can turn your phone into a portable scanner!

The way that Office Lens works is very clever. You simply take images of your notes, a whiteboard, a receipt, business cards and more. These pictures can be taken at different angles, Office Lens will still be able to grab all the information. Office Lens recognises the corners of the image and will then enhance and crop the image, then it will clean it up. This enables you to read these notes with ease.

The really great thing about Office Lens, is that you can convert these physical documents into Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations and PDF’s! So you are able to continuously work on these scans. You can even upload your scans to OneNote or OneDrive. If you scan a business card the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) will create a contact in your phone and will automatically fill out the name, number, email address and address fields.

Customers love this app with 5* reviews on the app store!

Office Lens is available for iPhone, Android and Windows! For free!


What’s new for PowerPoint?

Office 2016 launched around two months ago and there are now even more advances and innovations that are available for Office 365 subscribers. Office are rolling out new updates each month, and this month features updates to PowerPoint.

Two new updates to come to PowerPoint is Designer and Morph. ‘PowerPoint Designer and Morph are new intelligent tools that work for you by automating the creation of slides and presentations.’



PowerPoint Designer allows you to create high-quality PowerPoint slides within seconds. You simply drag and drop an image to your slide and designer gives you several design ideas, then its down to you to choose your favourites. The benefits of this is that you now do not have to dwell on the design of your PowerPoint as it’s done for you. You can now focus on the content and the PowerPoint presentation as a whole.

‘Designer applies cloud intelligence to analyze and identify the most compelling portion of your images to determine which blueprints work best with your content.’ – Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office team.



‘Morph creates cinematic motion seamlessly animating between your slides.’ Morph can actually animate 3D shapes along with regular text for images and can even be applied to a word or even character level, including text wrapping. For Morph to work you need to duplicate slides that you want morphed together and alter to your needs you then choose ‘Morph’ under the transitions selection. Your slides will now ‘morph’ into each other to make a continuous flowing presentation. Your presentation now seems like an animation sequence with a click of a button.

Both of these updates are available in Office 2016 to office 365 subscribers. This is available for Windows desktop and Windows mobile, but soon these same features will be coming to other platforms. To learn more, take a look here.



What can Sway do for me?

During our ‘office 365 in education’ event with Microsoft last week – we were shown some pretty cool things that you can do with PowerPoint. However, another application that we were briefly shown is Sway. We wanted to look more at Sway and what Sway can do for you.

Sway is an online app that enables you to create presentations, reports, personal stories and newsletters. You are able to operate sway from your portable devices and your web browser on your desktop, meaning that as soon as you have an idea you can revolutionise it into a creation in seconds. Sway is both quick and easy.

Sway differentiates from PowerPoint due to the addition of multiple features. Sway has no cells, borders, page breaks or slides, the canvas adapts to fit the chosen devises screen.

Sway is very interactive as you are able to select photos from your OneDrive or Facebook and turn them into interactive photo albums for viewers to sift through.

Sway takes care of the design part, you are the thinker. This means that everything you add, is already being formatted for you. Just drag and drop content/images and watch sway react. If you do not like the chosen design you can select the ‘remix’ button to see another. Or, it is still customisable if you have a particular design in mind.

Sway enables you do to pull sources in from across the web without even leaving the application! Pull in videos from YouTube, images from your camera roll, OneDrive cloud storage plus much more. Sway will even suggest searches to help you find relevant content, videos tweets etc.

Sharing Sway is easier than ever. You do not have to have the app to open up the creation, or be signed up. You can just click on the produced link to open it up in a web browser. This is perfect for sharing with those who may have different software packages to yourself.

Sway is so diverse, it can be used in school, at University or at work. So why don’t you give it a go today? Check it out here.

To get a feel of what you can create within Sway, take a look at this fantastic presentation here!

To recap some of the top features in Sway, take a look at the following video –


Office 2016

What is new in Office 2016?

As you may already know, Office 2016 is here. Office on Windows offers a new exciting set of features, with already over one million customers using it across Windows and Mac, within the preview or the download.

There are two versions of Office: the universal apps which are easier to use on mobile devices, and the desktop version that is best situated for a PC with a keyboard and mouse, but is also touch enabled. Due to the OneDrive cloud storage – you can pick up where you left off within the apps, when changing devices.

So we have taken a look at the top 5 features of Office 2016.

1. Collaboration/Team Work

Office 2016 introduces a new way for people to collaborate within Documents. Perfect for an office environment.

  • Firstly you can now do real-time co-authoring. This means that there needs to be no more sharing round of Documents. You can invite your co-workers into the Document and you can then see them live editing which is tagged with their names.
  • Skype for Business now allows you to IM, talk or video chat right into your documents. From Skype you can now start a real-time co-authoring session straight form any conversation or meeting.
  • There now is Office 365 Groups. This means that you, as an individual, can create private or public teams. In each group you get a shared calendar, OneNote notebook, cloud storage for group files and a shared inbox.

2. Tell Me

  • In the centre top of the program title bar, sits a query box. This is called the ‘Tell Me Box’.
  • The use of this, is that you can type in how to do something in Office. You will then be given a list of commands, leaving you to choose what is best situated for your needs.

3. Smart Lookup

  • Smart lookup is a new feature to Office 2016 that integrates Bing into Office. Smart Lookup is a useful knowledge booster.
  • You highlight a word or phrase and then select the ‘smart lookup’ service.
  • This provides you with a bar on the right side, that gives you a definition, spelling, location and some contextual information on the word/phrase.

4. Microsoft Sway

  • Microsoft Sway was originally introduced as a standalone service, but has now been introduced through Office 2016.
  • Sway allows you to make media presentations, it has been called a renovated PowerPoint. Drag and drop videos and photos from YouTube, your computer and any social media platforms.
    This is a browser based app that is accessible through Office 365.

5. Power Query

  • The Power Query tool allows you to import into Excel data from public data sources. You can connect to many data sources such as Wikipedia, Facebook etc.
  • When you refresh the document, this will also automatically refresh the imported data in correspondence to what that data would be online. So it is constantly synced.

Office 2016 works very well with Windows 10. All of the Office 2016 apps work perfectly within Windows 10 on the PC and mobile devices. A feature of Windows 10 called ‘Windows Hello’ will log you into Windows 10 and Office 365 all at once. Don’t know about Windows 10? Check out our blog on Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?.

So now you know what Office 2016 will deliver for you. But how do you get it?

Consumers or Home Users

– Visit the Microsoft store to purchase.
Choose the right package for you, but don’t forget to back up your files before any installation/download.

Businesses or Schools

– Get in touch with us to discuss pricing options for volume licensing.

If you are not yet sure, you can try a preview for one month, to see if Office 2016 is right for you.
Click on the banner below to try out Office Business Premium for 1 month for up to 25 users.