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On the 10th Day of Christmas Coretek offered you… 1 month FREE SecureSuite Archive!

In conjunction with the 12 Days of Christmas and the launch of our new SecureArchive service, we have a fantastic offer for you.

Anyone who signs up to SecureArchive in the next week will receive one month completely free of charge.

SecureArchive is our new email archiving service backed by technology from industry leading Barracuda networks.

Email archiving is a highly beneficial service which can benefit every business.  Email archiving is when email is stored in a secondary location to ensure that emails are safely stored and are available over a long period of time. Think of it as a backup for your email.

Imagine if someone in your organisation accidentally deleted an important email. How would you get this back? If you had email archiving, you could simply search the archive and restore the email. Without an email archive, this email may be lost for good.

SecureArchive starts at only a few pounds per user per month so if you are interested in safeguarding your email, get in touch today and claim your offer. The offer begins now and will end at 5pm on Cyber Monday the 27th.

You can contact us by calling on 0800 304 7444 or by email at or by our social media pages – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Our new unbeatable email and system security package from Coretek – SecureSuite!

Coretek are proud to be launching our brand new, comprehensive security package – SecureSuite.

SecureSuite offers industry-leading, complete protection for your email and data and comprises of three distinct products:

SecureStore – Dependable Cloud and On-Site Backup

SecureArchive – Secure Email Archiving

SecureFilter – Advanced Email Filtering

The fundamental need for email and file protection

The cyber terrorists and hackers of this world are finding more and more sophisticated ways to get access to your information. 2017 was a tipping point where this has come to the forefront with recent high profile victims including: the NHS, Renault, FedEx and Hitachi, amongst others. A serious attack can be debilitating for an organisation of any size – especially those in the SMB and SME categories, who may never recover from the aftermath.

The solution

Here at Coretek, we take protection of our clients extremely seriously and continually review the products we recommend to ensure that we offer the best products on the market. As such, we are confident to promote our new SecureSuite of products as the best in their respective fields.

Each one has been specifically chosen to a counteract a particular threat, whilst working together provide a holistic approach to keeping you protected.

SecureStore – Your Plan ‘B’ in case of an emergency

SecureStore is our dependable backup solution that will allow you to restore your vital files and folders in the case of virus attack or accidental deletion.

Backups are stored both on-site and to the cloud for the best of both worlds – the restore speed of on-site and the assurance of having an additional backup in the cloud. Our cloud backups are fully encrypted so you can rest easy that your data is safe with us.

SecureArchive – Your safety net for email

SecureArchive provides the safety net to assure you that even if emails are deleted from your inbox, they can be quickly restored.

Most organisations understand that they need to back up their data. However, email availability is often an afterthought or not considered at all. Email is the primary means of communication for many, if not most organisations and just like with files, the loss of an important email could be extremely damaging. Our SecureArchive not only keeps your email safe but also is invaluable for those who need to keep archived email for regulatory purposes and its advanced search options can even help improve efficiency.

SecureFilter – The security guard for your inbox

SecureFilter is our email filtering solution that keeps your inbox clear from spam and protected against viruses and targeted email attacks.

Over 100 billion emails are communicated every day and recent email statistics state that over half of this email traffic is categorised as spam. SecureFilter blocks spam before it reaches your inbox, keeping you free to concentrate on what counts. Furthermore, it provides you with the autonomy to block or allow any email you choose. SecureFilter also works hard to keeps your inbox free from targeted attacks such as phishing, as well as protection against viruses and cyber fraud by using the latest in AI technology. These attacks are fast becoming the biggest threat to any business and having adequate protection in place could save your organisation thousands of pounds.

If you would like details on any of the SecureSuite products, get in touch with the team today.


So, what is Secure School Gateway?

You may of heard about it before, but you aren’t quite sure what it is or what it does. Coretek Secure School Gateway (SSG) is safe and secure home and remote working solution for schools, allowing staff to securely access school applications and data.

So, how does Secure School Gateway work?

Secure School Gateway is a home working solution that is easily accessible from a web portal. The portal simply requires you to enter your school username and password to gain access. Upon successful authorisation, you will see the school desktop which will provide you with everything you would normally use in school.

Why do we need Secure School Gateway?

Working from home or outside of school is now part of the modern work ethos and for some schools is an absolute necessity. Access to planning resources and other such information whilst out of school can present a headache (especially during holidays), with staff usually having to take work home on a memory stick to conduct such tasks. Coretek SSG removes the need to do this and has the ability for multiple staff to use the service simultaneously.

What can Coretek do for me?

We are aware that school staff require a secure, convenient and easy to use method for accessing school resources from home. The goal for Coretek was to develop a remote working solution that is easy to use, low cost and above all, secure.

When taking into account the sensitive nature of pupil information and other such data present on school networks, security concerns continue to be at the top of the agenda. For this reason, several security measures are built in the Secure School Gateway that make this solution both highly usable and as safe as possible, with the goal being an experience the same as being in-school. Here is an example of what the Secure School Gateway looks like from one of our schools:


What is the technology behind your Secure School Gateway Service?

Secure School Gateway services is based upon Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, a secure industry leading technology designed to make remote access easy and seamless. In comparison to some competitors solutions this is more secure and scalable. The system is hosted and managed within the school and requires no additional hardware.

What are the key benefits of your Secure Gateway Service?

There are many benefits that the Secure School Gateway services offers. Here are a few of our key benefits:

  • It aligns with the requirements on secure data set by OFSTEDs eSafety Policy.
  • Multi user support meaning that staff can use the service at the same time.
  • No USB sticks are needed!
  • Ability to print to local printers.
  • Access from anywhere, on almost any device.
  • Ability to restrict use to certain users or groups.
  • SSL secured web portal and complex password requirements.
  • No additional hardware is needed.
How do I get Secure School Gateway?

Coretek are happy to carry out a free, live demonstration which will allow you to see first-hand how the platform works. We offer Secure School Gateway free of charge for all schools who take out our flexible Coretek Total Care support package. We will also license the platform for 5 initial users at no extra cost. Additional user licenses will need to be procured by the school, however these are very low cost to educational institutions, even more so if you are already using a licensing scheme such as Microsoft EES.

So if you want to know more about our service or want to book in your free live demonstration then please get in contact with us today! Call us on 0800 304 7444 or email us at, we hope to hear from you soon!


How to securely remember all of your passwords

A Password Manager is a software that will store all of your login information for the websites that you use. If you want to keep your favourite sites safe from any security breaches, then a password manager is the way forward. Generally you would repeat your password across different sites, right? Well, with a Password Manager you are able to create the safest Password with no worry of remembering them.

Key features

Password Manager

Password managers will remember all of your login in credentials and will take you directly to your favourite websites. All you need to remember is just the one ‘master password’. The use of the Password manager makes your experience online easier and more secure.

Password Generator

Now that you do not need to remember your numerous login details, you no longer need a password that happens to be the same for all of your sites. You can choose a very secure password with no worries. If you have trouble coming up with a secure password, a password manager can help. The password generator will create you a secure password containing a mix of numbers, letters and punctuation at a length of your choice.

Password Sync

When you install a password manager onto your computer you essentially have a browser add-on. This makes it applicable to be used on multiple devices when installed to use on the majority of browsers and devices.  All of your login credentials will then be synced on all of your devices.

Form Filler

The form filler will enable you to fill in long forms with the click of a button. You can enter your details into the setup and then when you are on a site where  you need to fill out a form, you simply select the  correct button and all the details will be automatically filled in.

Secure notes

A  Password Manager can create secure notes so you can save highly important details such as your credit card details. By saving tehse details, you will then be able to make purchases with a click of a few buttons.

Multiple accounts

If you have multiple accounts under the same site, there  is no need to worry. You can save up to however many accounts you need. This makes it perfect if you have multiple Gmail or WordPress logins.

Which Password Manager software should I choose?

There are many types of Password Managers out there. Two of our favourites are RoboForm and LastPass. Both are password management tools, but they have a few differences. RoboForm is a password manager and form-filler that is usable everywhere with guaranteed security. RoboForm does come at a price at $19.95, currently on sale at a bargain $9.95. If you want to find out more about more about RoboForm, take a look here.

LastPass is also a password management tool that takes the effort out of managing your passwords. LastPass offers a similar set of features to RoboForm such as: securely saved passwords, secure notes and password generator. The main difference between the two products is that LastPass offer a free version. This is an excellent, fully featured edition of the software. The advantage of the premium version is that your password vault will sync between all of your devices.

Online or Offline?

The other option to consider is whether to use an online password manager like RoboForm or LastPass or to go with an offline password manager. The difference is that local password managers are installed locally on your computer. This is a good option if you don’t feel comfortable saving your passwords to an online password vault. Good options for a local password program include 1Password * ($64.99) and KeePass (Free). If you decide to only save locally, the disadvantage is that your passwords will only be accessible in one place.

*1Password offers local and online options

Are my passwords secure?

All of the password managers mentioned above securely encrypt your passwords. This means that the chance of these being decrypted by a hacker is extremely unlikely. The weak point in any password manager is the master password. So make sure this is as secure (i.e. complex) as possible including: lower, upper, numerical and special characters. Many of the above solutions also offer two-factor authentication – which means you will need the master password AND another separate piece of information to gain access. This offers another level of security and additional peace of mind for you.