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This month's Cooltek

A must have device for beer brewers, a laser keyboard and more from this months Top Gadgets!

Our pick of last months best gadgets includes the latest updates from HTC Vive, a solution for your wireless problems, a device that will be the go to for beer brewers and a quirky portable keyboard. Read on to find out more.

‘Vive N Chill’

‘Vive N Chill’ is a new cooling solution for HTC Vive users. If you are a Virtual reality user, you will know how hot it gets in those headsets, especially if you are mid-game and its getting intense. Well the ViveNChill has been designed to relieve the heat from the player. It consists of two small dual tilting fans that sit on the top of the headset and angle downwards. These fans are powered via the Vive’s top-mounted USB port. There is also an on/off switch that is mounted over the top head strap. The ViveNChill system can be bolted onto your current HTC Vive headset and you will be able get it for around £20. The retailer is RedRotor so keep an eye out for when they release this HTC Vive add-on.


One gadget that has really caught the eye of a member of our team this month is AmpliFi WiFi. This is ‘not just a WiFi router, It’s a Mesh WiFi System’ as stated on their website. You get your main router and two mesh points. It utilizes MeshPoint HD Technology mean you can get enterprise-strength capabilities in a simple, affordable way. You simply plug in your mesh points in any standard outlet in your house and with the high-performance antenna design and adjustability, they can eliminate any dead spots. This ultimately ends in a superior wireless coverage. With the Amplifi app you can also manage your network, monitor ISP speeds, oversee network security and invite guests. Amplifi has only just recently come to the UK and you can buy it now from Amazon for £369.


PLAATO is a digital airlock for brewing beer. This is a reinvented airlock that sends information about your beer fermentation straight to your smartphone. It can measure alcohol percentage, temperature, fermentation gravity and specific gravity. A report is then generated on all of those analytics and is sent to your phone. The technique of measuring the flow of the CO2 in your brewed beer has been used in laboratories all over the world however this is the first commercial product that utilizes technology to give valuable information to brewers. PLAATO has been set up on Kickstarter under a funding page. This is for people to back the project. It is expected to be launched in October of this year.

Laser Keyboard

Laser Keyboard 0

This gadget is perfect for somebody on the go. It is a little portable box that once connected to a device via Bluetooth or USB will then laser shines a QWERTY keyboard onto the surface in front of you. This works best with darker surfaces. You can then type onto your laser lit keyboards and you will hear small sounds as you type. The small box also had a power bank inside meaning that you can also use it to charge your devices on the go. You can buy this gadget from Red5 for £69.99.